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Who is American Diabetes Alliance?

We are an advocacy group whose purpose is to help people manage their diabetes through prevention, control and management.

We work with companies who provide disease management for people who have diabetes, who by doctors orders, are required to check their blood glucose levels at least once per day.

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Whether you have been recently diagnosed or have been a diabetic for some time, this program is for you. We help you receive at no cost to you a state of the art glucose monitor that reads your levels, stores that information and then uploads that information into a secure website. This allows your doctor access to this information 24 hours a day 7 days a week, allowing both you and your doctor to work together to manage your condition on a daily basis. In addition we also help you receive free diabetic supplies (blood glucose test strips, lancet device and lancets, and glucose control solution).

What are the experts saying?

Jennifer Warner of WebMD Medical News published an article on January 28, 2014 that said:

The number of older Americans diagnosed with diabetes grew by nearly a quarter in the last decade, a rate that experts say threatens not only the health of the elderly but the viability of the nation's health care system.

A new study shows the number of new diabetes cases diagnosed among Americans over 65 increased by 23% from 1994-1995 to 2014-2014, and the prevalence of the disease overall grew by 62% among the elderly during the same time period.

Researchers say that if those trends continue, the burden of financing and providing medical care for elderly people with diabetes may prove too much for the health care system.

In an editorial that accompanies the study in the Archives of Internal Medicine, Frank Vinicor, MD, MPH of the CDC writes, "Taken to the extreme, there will soon be too many patients with diabetes to be individually treated and not enough money to pay for it all!

"Given these possibilities, primary prevention programs must be put in place before the diabetes of advancing age becomes a reality."


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