Yoga Helps You Have Healthy Breath


More and more people, these days, are getting into yoga. Sure it might be a bit of a fitness trend, but everyone is looking for new ways to improve their health. Thanks to higher insurance costs, people are far more inclined than ever before to pursue holistic healing methods to alleviate pain and fight off disease.  And that is what you can actually accomplish with yoga.

In fact, Euro-spa retraite de yoga can even help you learn to regulate your breathing better, which can translate into many different benefits in your life, too.


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Yes, it sounds obvious, but you need to breathe in order to live. As a matter of fact, Breathing for anxiety is so important that your body has been designed to do it without thinking about it. Indeed, it is part of the body’s autonomic behaviors.  The consistent filling and emptying of your lungs is what gives you life.

One of the primary benefits of yoga is that you get to learn how to breathe properly. That might seem counteractive to the natural order that insists we breathe without thinking about it but the truth of the matter is that when we apply intention to our breathing we can actually focus on the natural rhythms of our bodies. This helps you relax and achieve something called “mindfulness,” which is an intentional conscious state of peace.  And this can alleviate not only stress but even some physical pains, too.


Many people start to adopt a method of shallow breathing that is unhealthy. This involves breathing only into the lungs and expanding the chest. Again, it might seem counterintuitive but you actually want breathe through the lungs and into your diaphragm. This is the muscle that separates your upper and lower body.

Ok, so you don’t really breathe “into” the diaphragm. The technique actually involves breathing so deeply into your lungs that you expand your diaphragm. Singers, actors, and speakers are trained to naturally breathe this way to improve their diction and endurance with spoken/sung words.


 When you learn to breathe deeply into your diaphragm you actually become more efficient with your oxygen use.  Oxygen, of course, is crucial for exercise and, even moreso, with stretching.  Breathing effectively, then, improves the stretches you can do in yoga practice, which also helps you focus more achieving deeper breaths (and the cycle, essentially, continues).

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