Workers’ Compensation TPD Benefits in the Commonwealth of Virginia


If you suffer an injury or sickness on the job in Virginia, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. If you are unable to work your usual job due to an injury or illness, disability benefits might help make up for some of the lost income. If you are injured or ill and unable to work, you may be eligible for wage replacement benefits from Virginia workers’ comp. However, if you return to work during your rehabilitation but in a part-time or light-duty capacity, you may be eligible for partial compensation for the income loss you incur. Temporary partial disability payments are provided to those who qualify.

Contact Richmond work comp attorneys if you’ve been hurt on the job for the sound legal counsel and guidance you need to secure any workers’ compensation benefits to which you may be entitled. For more information regarding your eligibility for temporary partial disability and other benefits under Virginia’s workers’ compensation system, please contact to a reputed attorney forl case examination.

If you’re temporarily unable to work, do you qualify for temporary total disability or temporary partial disability instead?

If you experience a work-related accident or illness and are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, you may be entitled to temporary disability benefits if you cannot return to your pre-injury level of employment. There are two varieties of short-term disability insurance. 

When an employee has a work-related injury or illness and is unable to work at all for an extended period of time but is expected to make a full recovery and return to work at some point, they may be eligible for temporary complete disability benefits. If you are totally disabled due to an injury or disease, you may be eligible for temporary total disability benefits, which will pay you two-thirds of your average weekly earnings.

When a worker suffers a work-related accident or sickness but is still able to perform some work but at a reduced capacity, he or she may qualify for temporary partial disability payments. This typically happens when you switch to a part-time schedule or a lower-paying, less-responsible position. When you qualify for temporary partial disability payments, you’ll get two-thirds of the difference between your pre-injury and post-injury income.

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