Wholetones Review – Music that heals


We are just human beings, so it is normal for us to sometimes get too emotional, especially when looking back at the old memories. You cannot avoid to feel depression, anger and being loved. You just care too much about your moods, happiness and what can make your day bright. That’s why when you are alone and started playing inspirational or healing music, you often smile or cry. Don’t ever think that you are crazy when in such situations because you are not alone. Almost everybody, who listens to such music feel the same.

Do you know that you should not stop yourself from smiling and crying when listening to healing music? You must let this feeling come and allow yourself to be captivated by music because these are made out of passion. A lot of musicians like Michael Tyrrell love creating such sounds for you because they know that you need it. Why don’t you check out a review of his healing music at http://www.healthtransformation.net/wholetones-review-healing-frequencies-music-project-michael-tyrrell/. You can read a lot about what other people say about his tunes.

Not all music genres can heal your mind and soul. But, after hearing what Wholetones can do, then you can say that it really works. I know that you may not feel comfortable playing it, especially other people are around because they may think you are kind of a weirdo. But, try it when you are alone and see how it affects you.

Anxiety and Depression

There will be a time in your life, where you will get tired of living because of a relationship failure, loved one passed away or lost a job. Those are just some of the situations, where you will feel very sad, scared and lonely. Actually, you will feel like you are alone in this world and that you are unlucky. When you are so down, it’s like moving on is not easy, especially when you have no inspiration at all.

This is the time when anxiety and depression is ruling your life. I have here a helpful resource for you to understand more about this feeling. Anyway, during this moment of your life, what you need is to listen to healing music, so that you can reduce the pain in your heart, which is actually, causing you to feel this anxiety and depression.


Sometimes, you cannot avoid having fights with a friend or any member of the family. You should not let hatred conquer your heart and mind. Instead of doing a sort of revenge, why don’t you think of another way? You cannot just let that hatred grow. You have to do something to let the anger pass.

What you need to do is to listen to healing music and allow the sound, frequency and beat of the song to calm you down. It is sometimes not easy to forget the fight, especially if the blame is thrown at you while you are really innocent. So, open not just your ears, but, your heart and mind as well, Sooner or later, you will feel so calm and you would like to be at peace with everybody.


You do not just listen to healing music when you are depressed or your heart is filled with anger. It would be great, if you can also use this music to inspire your day. Sometimes, listening to this kind of music is relaxing. It is an ideal music for individuals, who is preparing for a test, work or school. It would be great to find out what else can relax your mind aside from music. So, why don’t you check these out at https://www.health.harvard.edu/mind-and-mood/six-relaxation-techniques-to-reduce-stress?

Anyway, music is always relaxing that is the reason why a lot of people play music after a whole day of work and school. So, if you will notice, healing music helps you focus and prepares you for your daily routines, too. It is not just about when you are so depressed.

It would be great, if every healing music can bring joy in your life. In such a way, you can always start your day with a smile. Aside from that, relaxing will give you a positive outlook in life. Therefore, you can say no to negativity. 

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