What you can expect before, during, and after the LASIK surgery?

You will experience some changes which are in three phrases that are before the surgery, during the surgery, and after the surgery. 

Before the Lasik eye surgery

Your doctor will ask you some questions and perform something to examine your eye properly. If they found that your eyes are perfect for the surgery then you will be ready for it but if you are not fit for the treatment then it will be difficult for you. 

During the examination of the eye will be examined to get sure that you don’t have any unusual risk factor of dry eyes, after the surgery. If you choose one of the best doctors of Kraff eye institute then you will experience this first stage of examination of your eye which will be properly done so that there will be no complications afterward. The Lasik kraff eye treatment is really done with full dedication by the doctors for their patients. 

An automated type of device known as corneal topography is used to make a detailed, point by point map of the shape of your eye’s cornea. And you should stop wearing contact lenses for sometimes which will be advised by the doctors, 2 weeks before the treatment. This is one for the main step which should be done because these lenses can alter the natural shape of your cornea and can affect the result. 

During the Lasik eye surgery

Before the surgery, numbing eye drops are given to prevent any discomfort during the treatment. Your surgeon may also provide some medicines to get fully relaxed. 

After the Lasik eye treatment

After this, the treatment will start and you will feel some pressure and hear a steady clicking type of sound while the laser is operating in your eyes. 

You will experience some blurry vision and haziness after the laser treatment immediately. And for many patients vision improves at that time only and stabilizes within some days. You can also work after that day but it is advisable to take a rest. Many people have achieved the almost full vision and better after the Lasik kraff eye surgery. But the results always vary from person to person and you may still be required to wear the glasses. If you feel sensitive in sunlight after the treatment then ask your doctor about prescribing glasses with photochromic lenses.