What is the best Berkey water filter system under $400?

The constant battle for quality and less cost at the same time will keep raging in a world where the money is considered crucial to survival. This comes in every time we feel we have to make a purchase. For the sake of our lives, getting a water filter system is one of those purchases which you simply have to make. Most people prefer the Berkey water filter system and the load of benefits which it brings.

However, with the need to purchase such a filter comes the need to stay within your budgets. If you have a budget of $400, what Berkey filter system would you go for?

The best Berkey filter under $400

The truth is that the best barley filter system under the $400 mark is without a doubt, the Big Berkey Filter that comes with the PF-2 Fluoride and Arsenic elements reduction. The reason for this is because of the many features which come with this filter system despite its very moderate price.

Here are some of the benefits of using or purchasing this filter;

  • This filter system comes richly packaged, and wood provides you with at least two very different black Berkey elements.
  • With the fluoride purifier in place, you can be sure of getting the fluoride out of your water in no time.
  • With this system, you can have clean water for yourself and your loved ones. This is because it can serve more than just one person (up to four people at once)

Features of the Berkey Filter system

The big Berkey filter system has some unique features which set it apart from the rest of its peers in the filter business. Here are some of the most important ones;

  • Stainless: one of the best things about this filter is its stainless look. It gives it a matured yet elegant look setting it up to do its job effectively.
  • Variety: the filter is open to stopping a whole can of contaminants that affect water. Some of these would include lead, chlorine and as we know, the biggest problem among contaminants, fluoride. With this variety, this filter system allows you to enjoy the benefits of having a filter without having to worry about other contaminants.
  • Storage capacity: for a filter which is below the $400 mark, it comes with real capable storage capacity. This filter can hold about 2.25 gallons of water. This is an astonishing feat taking into consideration that the entire filter system is just about 13 inches in total. It also can hold about 4 elements even though it comes with just two. It is important to note that when all four elements are in place and working well, then this filter can even carry more gallons of water! Up to 7 gallons!
  • Durable: most big Berkey filter systems are quite durable. For this reason, most sellers are quite confident about its life span. You would most likely have a year warranty coming in with your big filter system. This gives you a chance to get a replacement for it if something goes wrong within the first year of usage.
  • PF-2 Filter: one of the greatest benefits is the fact that this big filter system comes with the PF-2. This is the particular filter which aid in eliminating the fluorides in your water and other arsenic content. The arsenic family are quite dangerous and can only be treated if they are in your water. This big filter system by Berkey would ensure that you have the right weapons to keep your water clean from defects.


While we know for sure that it is less than $400, we haven’t yet figured just how less it could be. This big filter can be between the ranges of $330-370, meaning that you get to save between $30-70 from the maximum mark, which is solid business for you.


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