What is Addiction Therapy?

Many people have addictive personalities.  These can be expressed through a love of gambling, coffee or even alcohol.  Some addictions are effectively accepted by society; especially if the substance is legal; such as coffee.  

But, any addiction can be damaging to the body.  It effectively means that you are taking in too much of a specific substance and have become reliant on it.  This can lead to damage inside your body and a change in your personality.

Unfortunately; most people do not see what they have as an addiction or an issue.  This is largely because the addictive substance slowly takes a hold over their lives.  Where they would have once focused on family or work commitments they have started to focus on the addictive substance.  Suddenly their whole life is focused on their next hit but they do not realize how damaging their actions have become.

Addiction Therapy

It is generally not possible to successfully quit your addiction without the assistance of professionals at a rehab clinic.  These are people who understand a huge range of addictions; they can subscribe prescription medication to help you move away from your addiction and will support any addiction therapy you undertake.

There are various approaches made when providing addiction therapy; they will be modified according to the individual circumstances of each addict.


The first step of any addiction therapy is to talk about your addiction.  It can be difficult to open up about this issue and counsellors will often encourage group work before they start individual analysis.  This simply helps an addict to realize that there are many others in the same situation and it is okay to talk about it.

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The next step of addiction therapy is to introduce essential skills which can help an addict deal with the addiction they have and temptation in the future.  This stage will usually involve the introduction of simple actions which can help to distract an addict from the temptation which will be place d in front of them again in the future.


The main aim of addiction therapy is to help people change their outlook on life.  It is important to realize that addicts are not bad people or even those which have made bad choices; they have simply been exposed to an addictive substance and their body has reacted accordingly.  Once the addiction has taken hold the chemistry of the body will have changed and very few addicts can withdraw without help.

Addiction therapy helps, through talking and introducing new actions, people to understand and accept these facts.  They can then use them to assist in the future.

It is worth noting that there are many courses available for addiction therapists but that it is not yet a legal requirement to be qualified.  It is, therefore, worth choosing a counsellor or firm which has made the effort to become qualified and has gained a good reputation; both in addiction therapy and in the treatment and aftercare provided to all of their clients.  

Addiction therapy is an essential part of your recovery; it is important to get the best help possible.