My Varicose Veins are out of Control


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Varicose veins are a nuisance for many people. If you have ever struggled with varicose veins in your legs you understand just how hard it can be to deal with the looks of varicose veins as well as the actual physical side effects that can also be associated. Thankfully there are many different procedures available to help treat and remove varicose veins.

Depending on how bad your varicose veins are, you may need to have a more intense treatment in order to remove them. While some treatments are a bit more intense, almost all varicose vein treatments are non-invasive and easy to recover from. Most people are extremely happy with the outcome of their procedure and report seeing a big difference in their veins soon after their visits.

What is Phlebectomy?

You doctor may talk to you about a procedure called phlebectomy. Phlebectomy is a common procedure that doctors use to remove varicose veins. Phlebectomy is one of the more invasive treatments available, but it is still rather non-invasive and does not recover very much recovery time.

During a phlebectomy procedure your vein specialists will make little incisions into your body. You doctor is targeting the varicose veins that are close to the surface of the skin. When he find a varicose vein he can get to he will make a very small incision in your body. Once the incision is made in the skin, the doctor uses a small hook to latch onto the varicose vein itself. As the doctor pulls on the vein they will collapse. You may be surprised, but the vein will squeeze its way through the small incision when it is pulled.

The incision that the doctor makes in your leg is very small. In fact, the incision is so small that it will not even require any stitches to close it. It will heal relatively quickly. The doctor will give you anesthesia or a numbing solution so you do not feel any of the pressure that will be associated with the procedure.

You will be instructed to follow a few guidelines after the procedure is finished. Your doctor should provide you with some compression socks. The compression socks should be worn as soon as you are finished at their office and for as long as the doctor recommends. The reason for wearing the special compression socks is to keep all of your veins tight inside of your body. If you do not wear the socks properly it is very likely that the varicose veins will reappear inside of your skin.

Phlebectomy is a great procedure that can remove visible varicose veins from the skin. It is a very easy procedure to recover from and the success rate is high. People do not report having a lot of pain and say that it is very easy to recover from. If you are looking for a procedure to remove your varicose veins this is a great thing to look into.  


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