Use Lactoperoxidase Supplement For A Longer Shelf Life Of Your Diary Products


A natural enzyme found in the milk of most of the mammals is called Lactoperoxidase. It is also found in other bodily fluids like tears and saliva. The lactoperoxidase supplement is an effective anti-microbial element and is used as an anti-bacterial agent in reducing the bacterial growth in the milk; it can oxidize thiocyanate ion in the presence of hydrogen peroxide. These components are naturally present in bodily fluids like tears and saliva. The resulting chemical compound has an antibacterial effect on raw milk.

Why is it used?

After the milk is drawn the antibacterial activity is very low and it can last only up to two hours. To further the shelf life of the milk for about 7 to 8 hours a treatment is done using the Lactoperoxidase. This treatment reactivates the antibacterial effect in the milk and it lasts longer.

Safety in humans and animals

It has taken fifteen years of rigorous research in developing as well as developed countries to come to the result that it is safe to be used on humans as well as animals. But clear instruction is given as to when this treatment should be done. Lactoperoxidase supplements can be used in the milk only when there is no immediate chance for refrigeration. If after the milk is drawn it can be refrigerated then this supplement should not be used. Many houses produce milk in large quantities for commercial purposes. Sometimes in interior areas where cooling or refrigeration is not possible this lactoperoxidase supplement can be used in the milk so that the shelf life of the milk increases without cooling.

Helpful for small scale milk industries

This treatment is becoming the lifesaver for many household milk industries where refrigeration is not possible because of the lack of electricity or cannot be delivered due to lack of transportation as soon as the milk is drawn. The lactoperoxidase supplement should be mixed in the raw milk as soon as it is drawn otherwise it is not effective because the bacterial activity in the raw milk starts within a few hours of milking.

  • Like any other chemicals, this too should be handled with care. This treatment should be done under the supervision of trained personnel.
  • As any other chemicals, it should be kept out of reach of children
  • The trained personnel should take complete responsibility for the correct treatment of the milk.
  • The person responsible for the treatment should also ensure that the chemical is used only for the preservative process of the milk and not for any other purposes.

If the government takes up the initiative of funding the small scale milk industries which are mostly run by women, the business will surely thrive and show good results igg powder . As women in the household tend to look after the dairy business it will surely help them to earn a livelihood. So giving them the extra support and train those in using this chemical correctly will surely boost their business because they can keep their milk fresh for longer hours and can be supplied before the milk gets spoilt.

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