Understand Fat Loss Supplements


There are several other dietary supplements on the market for effective fat burning at the moment, but they either have side effects or their effectiveness has no scientific evidence. These additives in best fat burners supplements include:

  • 5-HTP – an amino acid that reduces appetite and the desire to consume foods with a large number of carbohydrates;
  • synephrine – a substance found in oranges that allows you to burn fat (has low efficiency);
  • green coffee extract – accelerates the process of fat burning, however, studies of this effect were sponsored by the manufacturers of the product, which casts their results into doubt;
  • CLA – a group of Omega-6 fatty acids that promote slight fat burning;
  • L-carnitine – allows you to burn fat, but studies have mixed results.


Caffeine is one of the most effective fat-burning substances found in most weight loss supplements. The high popularity of caffeine is because this substance can accelerate metabolic processes and the conversion of fat into energy. According to research data, consuming these additions can speed up metabolism by 16 per cent for 1-2 hours. Scientists have also been able to establish that the substance allows more efficient use of fat as an energy source. At the same time, the maximum effect of caffeine consumption is observed in people with a lower percentage of fat, and not in obese people. Researchers have also found that regular use of caffeine can lead to resistance to the substance.

To provide the body with the necessary amount of caffeine, it is not necessary to take specialized supplements. To do this, it is enough to drink just a couple of cups of strong coffee a day, which, in addition to reducing the percentage of body fat, can have several positive effects on the main body systems.

Green tea extract

A green tea extract is a special kind of tea mixture with a high concentration of nutrients. It contains two main fat-burning elements – caffeine and EGCG. It is important to note that both of the above components of the extract successfully complement each other and enhance the fat-burning process to provide the human body with warmth. This process is also known as thermogenesis. An analysis of 6 different experiments showed that green tea extract was 16 per cent more effective at burning fat than placebo supplements. Green tea extract was found to burn 65 more calories per day than caffeine supplements. To ensure maximum effective fat burning, it is recommended to take from 250 to 500 mg of the extract per day, which is equivalent to drinking 3 to 5 cups of green tea.

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