Types of Addiction

If you mention the phrase ‘drug addiction’ most people will think of homeless people who spend their days looking for ways to generate enough funds to purchase their next fix.  

However, there are many different types of addiction and anyone can become addicted.  People in high stress jobs will often feel the need to take drugs to reduce stress.  Alternatively they may need the artificial high that these drugs supply simply to get them through the day.


For every type of drug there is a specific path to recovery.  For instance, fentanyl addiction treatment relies on a slow reduction in the drug and a series of counseling sessions to ensure that the cause of the addiction is dealt with.  As fentanyl is a strong painkiller, effective fentanyl addiction treatment must deal with the best way of counteracting the pain in the future.  If it does not the fentanyl addiction treatment will be unsuccessful; simply because the addict will need something for the pain and this will be the drug which works.

In contrast, someone who is addicted to heroin will be weaned off the drug by providing them with a replacement drug.  This is because the addiction is to the high and they are less likely to be underlying issues causing pain.

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The Types of Addiction

You may think that you are immune to addiction or that you would never lower yourself to that level.  However, human nature is generally addictive; the issue is not whether you will become addicted to something but whether it is likely to be harmful to your health, work and the people around you.

  • Coffee addiction is common but rarely seen as an issue.  In fact the coffee culture which has become so prevalent actually makes it acceptable to have a coffee addiction!  In addition, coffee is generally inexpensive and therefore not something that is likely to lead to social or financial issues.
  • Alcohol addiction is very different as it can cause serious damage to your health and you will be a different person when under the influence.  This can cause you to do reckless and irresponsible things.
  • Drug addiction is generally seen as the worst type of addiction.  However, there are many different types of drug addiction.  As illustrated by the fentanyl addiction treatment program; it is possible and surprisingly common, to be addicted to prescription drugs.  The high these give you will lead you to the same issues as other drug users.

Other drugs are used through the lifestyle you lead and the pressures you face from your peers.  The issues and potential solutions are the same in each scenario.

Dealing with an Addiction

As illustrated by the fentanyl addiction treatment; most addictions can be treated by rehab clinics and this is the most likely route for successful withdrawal.  However, to be truly free of an addiction you will need to be able to return to your current life, without the drugs.  This can be exceptionally difficult and is the reason why many people return to drugs or find it so hard to stay clean.