The Truth About Breast Lifts

Breasts lifts certainly have enormous aesthetic benefits, but they also have a significant impact on a woman’s physical health. Here are some of the most common reasons why women all over the world choose this life-changing procedure.

They aren’t happy with the shape of their breasts

Breast lift surgery often helps women feel more self-confident and sexier. That’s not to say that this procedure will guarantee women a ‘perfect figure’. Therefore, its essential that suitable candidates for this surgery feel good about themselves and have realistic expectations.  

Low hanging nipples

Most women who decide to have a breast lift have excessive sagging breasts so much so that their areolas and nipples point downwards. During a breast lift, the surgeon will reposition the nipple and areola to a higher location, restoring a more perky and youthful appearance.

Skin irritation

When our breasts start to lose their elasticity, they usually begin to rub up against the underarms and torso area, causing painful rashes and chafing. Most women after having breast lift surgery can experience relief from irritation for the first time in years.

Chronic neck and back pain

Sagging breasts can put a great deal of pressure on the neck and back; this is because the muscles have weakened and can’t support the breasts anymore. By putting an end to this discomfort, this procedure can have a significant impact on a woman’s quality of life.

Limited physical activity

Some women who suffer from drooping, unsupported breasts find that they can get in the way of their routine and activities like housework, weightlifting or running. Breast lift surgery generally allows for women to participate in activities they have not been able to enjoy for years fully.

Irregularly shaped areolas and nipples

For some women, excessive sagging breasts can make the areolas appear unnaturally large and stretched. During the breast lift surgery, a cosmetic surgeon will get rid of the excess tissue from this area.

Weight loss

Extra fat can cause muscle and skin to become loose and stretched. Even after an individual has lost a significant amount of weight, the loose skin will stay. A breast lift will help tighten the loose muscles and skin around the breasts, giving the patient a figure that is proportionate to her weight.

Talk to a Surgeon

If you experience any physical discomfort caused by your drooping breasts or you want to improve your figure, a breast lift may be the perfect solution for you. To find out more about this incredibly effective procedure and to learn whether it is right for you, talk to an experienced and qualified cosmetic surgeon like Dr Laniewski plastic surgery Sydney.