How To Treat A Urinary Tract Infection


Urinary tract infections also known as UTIs, are the infections that a woman and some men can develop anywhere along the urinary tract including the bladder and kidneys. They are the second most common type of infection likely to happen in the human body. Here is some information about urinary tract infections.

The Basics of UTI

There is no exact cause that leads to a UTI. It can happen in any age group women who havepoor hygiene, impaired immune function, the overuse of antibiotics, the use of spermicides, and sexual intercourse.

The most common cause, accounting for about 90%of all cases, is the transfer of E. coli bacteria from the intestinal tract to the urinary tract.

For those of you who have experienced a UTI, there isn’t much you wouldn’t do to avoid another one. The widely known symptoms of Urinary Tract Infection are:

  • Pain in lower abdomen
  • Burning while peeing
  • Fever and chills
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Blood in the urine

For people who suffer from chronic urinary tract infections, just the fear of getting another can prevent engagement in any activity that may trigger one. This could result in a more restrictive life.

Luckily, there are methods to treat this infection in a natural way where they no longer worry about getting a UTI. These treatments don’t require a prescription, are inexpensive, and completely drug-free.

Treating Urinary Tract Infection

D-mannose is a very well-known way to treat UTI. It is a kind of sugar that is related to glucose.

If you consume large amounts of D-mannose you may only suffer some acute loose stool as it is passed through the body. Compared to antibiotics this is a great alternative. Even though it is a sugar, it is not absorbed so it is safe for diabetics and will not cause an insulin spike.

D-mannose has been shown to relieve and cure UTIs within 24-48 hours.

What To Eat & Avoid Eating To Help Treat UTI?

Eating more of probiotics like yogurt that contain good bacteria can be helpful.Vitamin C foods like Tomatoes, Cranberries and Blueberries can help you treat your infection early. Avoid certain drinks and foods as well. Drinking citrus drinks, tomato juice, coffee and alcohol can make urinating more painful. You should also avoid any spicy foods, acidic fruits and chocolates.

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