Top 10 surgeries males usually want to have

In the past plastic surgery was most sought after by women but in the recent years there has been an increasing number in the men who want plastic surgery on different parts of their body. Regardless of gender or age, every individual wants to look their best and one of the best ways to achieve this is through plastic surgery. Just like women, these men just want to enhance or correct their appearance and that is why they get cosmetic surgery done on some parts of their body. Plastic surgeons are there to make men achieve sculpted bodies, refined jawlines, and even penis enlargement services.

The Most Common Male Plastic Surgeries

Here are the most common plastic surgeries that men get:
• Blepharoplasty-this is a type of cosmetic surgery that seeks to make men’s eyes look brighter and wider. This surgery is performed on both the upper and lower eyelid and helps remove any excess skin, and lifts droopy eyelids. It also targets fat under the eyes.

  • Neck lift-a big and fat neck makes men look heavier and wider. A neck lift helps to create a stronger jawline, remove the double chin, make the neck look long and slim the overall appearance of the neck
  • Rhinoplasty-this is one of the most common plastic surgeries even among women. Rhinoplasty is performed on the nose and it helps to reduce the size of a person’s nose or change the shape. Rhinoplasty helps address any bumps, depressions and improve the general breathing
  • Chin augmentation-there are some men who have a weak chin and the best way to change the contour and size is through a chin augmentation. This helps to give them a more masculine facial appearance. In most cases it is usually performed together with a rhinoplasty so that the facial features might be proportional.
  • Liposuction-this is a type of body-contouring surgery and it helps remove any fat pockets so that a man can get a more sculpted torso. It is more common among men who want to target any fat on their abdomen and flanks.
  • Hair transplant-baldness is most common in men and the best way to address this problem is through a hair transplant surgery. It helps to decrease shedding and also restores a person’s hair fullness and density in general.
  • Gynecomastia-it is also known as male breast reduction and as it sounds it targets to remove any excess breast tissue. This procedure also helps to flatten the chest therefore improving the confidence and appearance of a person.
  • Botox-a surgery that seeks to remove wrinkles and fine lines. Men tend to treat crow’s feet and frown lines with these injections. Botox is one of the easiest ways to look younger and less-tired.
  • Pectoral implant surgery-it seeks to give patients a more toned and well-defined chest. Mostly men prefer silicon pectoral implants, and they are surgically place under their chest muscles.
    Penuma-this is a penis enlargement surgery and it is the only type of surgery in this category that has been cleared for commercial use. Penis enlargement surgery in uk is one of the most sought cosmetic surgery.