Thread Lifts — A Guide To This Innovative Cosmetic Procedure

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Are you trying to find a procedure that tighten up skin that sags without a long dreadful downtime? Look no further — enter thread lifts, the new and improved non-surgical facelift. But what makes a thread lift different? What can it do, and is it the right option for you?

What Exactly is Involved in a Thread lift?

A thread lift uses specials threads which are inserted through tiny incisions via a large needle. The threads used in the procedure have tiny barbs that cling to and pull at the skin underneath the surface to tighten and lift it. These needles are inserted into the soft tissue, where they pull to reposition the skin in the treatment area. The threads are surgical sutures that are made of a synthetic and absorbable polydioxanone.

What To Know Before Booking A Thread Lift

Suitable candidates for a thread lift procedure are generally between the ages of 30 and 60 when their skin is just starting to show signs of ageing. Individuals wanting a thread lift that have excessive sagging may not be suitable candidates and may need to go a conventional facelift surgery.

Asking The Right Questions

Speak to a plastic surgeon of your liking in advance and go over what areas you are interested in revitalising. If you’re having trouble finding a plastic surgeon you can trust look for certified, experienced and qualified plastic surgeons at reputable clinic’s like; Verve Cosmetic Sydney who is a specialised clinic for thread lift. Ensure that you talk openly and honestly with your surgeon and ask all of the questions you have about the thread lift beforehand: A few important questions to start with are: what are the side effects, risks, benefits and possible results.

What To Know During Your Thread Lift

Due to the fact that a thread lift is a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure, less preparation and less downtime is required. Thread lift procedures are conducted under local anaesthesia.

What to Expect After A Thread Lift

If the procedure is conducted on your face, most plastic surgeons will advise you not to touch or wash your face for at least 12 hours after the thread lift. You’ll likely be given a prescription for a painkiller, which you can take during the first 2-3 days which is when most of the pain is experienced.

Because of the materials used in the threads, after the procedure if there is any scarring it will be practically invisible. These threads are made with a medical grade dissolvable materials; therefore, there’s a much smaller chance of developing an infection because there’s less for invasive bacteria to grab onto. Generally results from a thread lift lasts for four to six months but it all depends on how well your collagen reacts to the sutures.