Things That You Need to Know About Wearing Braces

Nowadays, many people are required to wear braces. Regardless of your age, your dentist can recommend putting braces on your teeth to improve your bite and correct several problems like crooked teeth, under and overbites and jaw-related problems. Some people find braces fashionable, but there are also some who do not like it, especially kids, because they get teased a lot by their peers. Patients often ask many questions regarding braces, so here are the essential things that you need to know.

When is the best time to have braces?

Most dentists would recommend having braces as early as ten to fourteen years of age for kids because these are their growth years making it easier to repair problem areas in the mouth. However, many issues can arise upon the application of the braces that can cause pain and discomfort on the child’s end. That is why parents are recommended to discuss matters with their kids beforehand.

Braces are also suitable for adults since there are times when different types of teeth problems like spacing, wrong bite, and other minor problems can be fixed as well. If you would like to get a full assessment and recommendation, you can ask an orthodontist Woodbridge VA offers for more information.

What are the various types of braces?

Before anything else, your dentist will assess the current condition of your teeth before they determine the right type of appliance that is suitable for your teeth problem. Here are some examples of braces for you to choose from.

Metal- They are known as the traditional type of braces, which are the most commonly used braces. The brackets that dentists are using right now are smaller compared to the old braces used around ten years ago. These metal braces come with arch wires that utilize human body heat that helps teeth move faster. Also, small metal braces are now less painful to wear, encouraging people to have their teeth fixed. These traditional types of braces are the most affordable ones, and they also come with different bands that are considered fashionable.

Ceramic- It is somewhat similar to metal braces except that it uses clear colored brackets which makes it less visible to the eyes. Ceramic braces are known to have better results compared to Invisalign, and the price is a lot higher compared to metal braces.

Lingual- Similar to the traditional type of braces, the only difference is that the wirings and metal brackets are assembled at the back of your teeth. Many people prefer having this type of braces because it is not noticeable at all. However, if you should decide to use this type of braces you need to be extra careful with your oral hygiene because it is more difficult to clean and maintain them. Some patients find it more uncomfortable or painful to use.

Braces can play a significant role in your oral health and can also increase your self-esteem because they can help give you a better smile.