Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Synthetic Urine


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Are you looking for how to pass your next urine drug test? You might feel confused and do not know what to do. The good news is that synthetic urine can help you. Synthetic urine, also known as fake pee, is a synthesized substance that mimics the natural human urine. It’s what drug testing labs use to calibrate their testing equipment.

Let’s face it, using synthetic urine now has become harder than it was before. Drug testing companies spend a lot of time and money on researching ways to identify fake urine. But, It’s still possible to pass your test using it. The overall quality and correct use of the product are very important to success. Just keep in mind next things:

The package:

Every synthetic urine kit must include heat pad, temperature strip and rubber band. Also, prosthetic device can be added.

Reliable suppliers:

Don’t buy synthetic urine from a shady place. Make sure to get it from a trusted supplier. You don’t want to fail the test because of a counterfeit product.

The ingredients:

A good synthetic urine must contain the primary elements of the real urine such as uric acid, urea, and creatine. Also, it should have normal pH (4.8 – 8) and normal specific gravity (1.005 -1.030). Additionally, it must look like urine, have a urine smell and foam.

Supervision strictness:

Try to find out if the test is supervised or not. Strict supervision makes it harder to use synthetic urine. However, there are some tricks on where to hide it:

  1. Follow the classic way and tape the bottle to your inner thigh.
  2. Wear two underwears and keep your sample in-between them.
  3. If you’re a female, then you are lucky. You can hide it in your bra or even in your vagina.
  4. The synthetic urine belt is another clever way. Wear it right below your chest and above your navel. 
  5. Use a fake penis that is designed to expel synthetic urine at body temperature. 

Some drug testing facilities employ a person that ask you lift your shirt up above navel and pull your pants down. If you know this is going to happen, you should avoid using synthetic urine.

The right temperature:

The temperature is one of the most important factors to consider. Just make sure that your sample has the right temperature (90 to 100 °F) before you hand it over. Most synthetic urine products have a strip to check the temperature at any time.

Synthetic urine comes in two common forms: liquid or powdered. Powder one includes a heating powder, whereas liquid product needs to be heated in a microwave for about 10 seconds to achieve the right temperature.

Now, the most important thing is to maintain this temperature. If the temperature is too high or too low, you will fail the test. There are several ways to keep your synthetic urine warm:

  1. Heat warmers or heating pads:  you can attach them to the bottle. They can emit heat for  6 – 10 hours.  They will reach temperature around 100 to 125 °F.
  2. Your body heat:  you can keep the bottle right in your underwear to keep heat. 


Make sure to shake the synthetic urine to create some bubbles much like human pee, before handing it over.

The expiry date:

At some point in time, both powder and liquid products will expire. It’s best to replace any unused kit and buy a new one. The expired synthetic urine can make you fail a drug test.

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