The 3 Different Job Boards and Their Purposes

You are preparing to finish up your residency and get on with your career as a doctor. Now you have to start looking for physician employment in order to secure a position you can start immediately after your residency is done. So you head off to start searching all the job boards you can find. What you think is going to be an easy task turns into a bigger challenge than you had previously imagined.

Job boards are great tools for helping doctors find work, no matter what stage of their careers they find themselves in. What many do not understand is that not all job boards are created equally. In fact, there are three different kinds of job boards with very different purposes. The first is a general board to which employers are connected through their own accounts. They post jobs as they see fit. The second is a direct board with a particular focus or specialty. The third is an aggregator, also known as a curation site in some circles.

  • The General Job Board

Under the general job board scenario, the company that owns the board opens access to all registered employers wishing to post their jobs, regardless of industry. Job seekers also register for the privilege of using the board to find work. The board essentially acts as a go-between to provide an online meeting place where job offers and applications can be swapped.

One of the advantages of this sort of job board is its ability to offer a broad range of employment opportunities to as many applicants as possible. The general job board might include positions in hundreds of different industries and categories, thereby appealing to the largest possible market so as to more effectively monetize the site.

The disadvantage of the general job board is its size. There are so many employers and applicants that things can quickly become disorganized and hard to work with. For someone whose work is as specialized as a physician’s, a general job board may not be the way to go unless it is at least geared toward the medical industry.

  • Direct Job Board

A direct job board is similar to the general board except that it is targeted to a particular industry or job category. For example, Vista Staffing is a medical staffing company that offers a physician job board focused only on those kinds of jobs. On their board, doctors can find both permanent placement and locum positions.

The board also has job opportunities for advanced practice nurses, physician assistants, and allied health professionals. So Vista’s board does specialize in physician jobs, but there are other opportunities available as well.

  • Aggregating Job Board

A job board that aggregates is one that collects job listings from dozens of other sites and lists them all in one place. Most aggregation sites are set up to target a specific industry so that applicants do not have to wade through lots of different postings that don’t apply to them. Some aggregation sites focus only on one particular sector while others might be dedicated to only certain positions within that sector.
The physician looking for work can obviously use any kind of job board he or she chooses. It is probably best to start with a direct board specializing in physician jobs, then branch out from there as needed. Doctors will find that the primary advantage of direct job boards, like the Vista Staffing jobs board, is that these are populated by facilities that are very focused in their own searches. They are looking for doctors right now.