Testosterone – A look at the boosting supplements


Testosterone aids in the production of estrogen. And these two along with progesterone maintain the bone and muscle mass for them. Testosterone is a hormone that is related to sex and hence it does work in the same way for women. It is the hormone that is responsible for libido and sexual drive in women as well. Like in men, levels of testosterone reduce as the woman ages and this may result decreased muscle mass, decreased sensitivity in the areas of clitoris and vagina, changes in skeletal health and as a result libido is affected too.

There are some cases where females are also advised of the testosterone replacement therapy but in very small doses as compared to the men. Many females also avoid taking testosterone as they fear the androgenic side effects of it and then there are those who take it for faster muscle gains, strength and fat loss.

We know that having a healthy level of testosterone in body will result in muscle gain, increased libido, increase in strength and power. It is also helpful in building muscles in bulking and cutting cycles. It works by increasing the testosterone levels and stimulates the process of building muscles. As you consume this, you will notice that it allows you to perform very well during workouts and you see continuous gains. Check out the testosterone boosting supplements list to grab more knowhow.

Raising testosterone levels:

There are many ways to increase production of testosterone if a person is suffering from low T levels. The common way to do so is usage of prescription drugs. Even in the treatments like TRTs or testosterone replacement therapy, prescription drugs are commonly used. There are many other options as well. Some o them are usage of gels, lotions, creams, and injections.

 If a user is not interested or willing to use prescription medications, then they can also go for over the counter nutritional supplements. These medications contain herbal ingredients, minerals, and vitamins rather hormones. These medications help in providing a support to the pituitary gland and even to the entire endocrine system.

Through performing a blood test doctors can determine the low T levels in men. 300 to 1000 nanograms per deciliter is considered as the average levels in men. But this must be decided based on the person’s age.

If the testosterone level for a person is within this range them physicians may not recommend the person with testosterone cypionate injections. In case if the doctor recommends such injections then  it is very important to understand the effects of the injections before starting the dose.

sustanon testosterone

Among bodybuilding endeavors sustanon testosterone is in use from many years. Earlier it was used mainly for treating hypogonadism. But it is not recommended to use these steroids without prescription by doctors.

There are many reasons behind this. Main thing is use of performance enhancers is always discourage by medical professionals. Along with this these injections come with serious side effects, and there are high chances of abuse, overuse, and misuse.

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