Stem Cells & Diabetes


Diabetes is one of the most dangerous diseases out there. It can cause serious harm to the human body and is capable of causing even death. When beta cells of pancreas are destroyed by the immune system, it is Type 1 diabetes, but only 5% of the people with diabetes have Type 1. The rest of them have Type 2 diabetes in which the pancreas function properly, but the rest of the cells don’t use insulin well.

Having diabetes causes rise or fall in blood sugar level, which is extremely harmful for the human body and may even cause death in extreme situations. Therefore, a cure for diabetes is a necessity and the only thing close to a cure is stem cell treatment.

Stem cells for diabetes treatment come from many sources like the placenta, embryos, umbilical cord, teeth, blood cells, bone marrow etc. The research shows that if stem cells are present in the pancreas of the patient, then they can make new beta cells. With creation of new beta cells, the problem of Type 1 Diabetes can be cured. The research also suggests that the bone marrow or adipose tissue of the patient can educate the immune system again so that it doesn’t attack the beta cells.

Even Type 2 diabetes can be cured using stem cells. The stem cells would introduce fresh cells into your blood stream so that they educate or train the old cells to properly take insulin and dissolve excess blood sugar. This way, the problem of extra glucose in your blood stream or the problem of the cells not being able to use insulin gets solved.

As the stem cells of the patient only are used, there are no side effects and chances of rejection by the organs. There is no risk of contamination and the procedure is also very simple and quick. The procedure is very safe and the patient would feel healthier as soon as the stem cells start multiplying and replacing older cells. There are many diabetes clinics that now use stem cells for curing diabetes.

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