Starting a Career in Nursing: LPNs and RNs


Nursing is a noble profession that is emotionally rewarding and personally satisfying. This profession has great job prospects and endless areas of specialization.

Pros and cons of being a nurse

It is not easy to choose a career which is so diverse and energetic like nursing, whether its working with doctors in different fields, to planning and carrying health programs and undertaking health issues. Nursing involves lots of health care activities which are quite challenging at times. Nurses also have to interact with patient at times, have to closely listen to their problems, try to engage in meaningful conversation with patients, dealing with patient’s family and comforting them and follow the rules of privacy.

At the same time being a full-time nurse can offer many advantages. Most of the times its emotionally rewarding which is not present in most of the other professions. They serve as a beneficial bridge between doctors and patients and also with the patient’s families, which is emotionally rewarding. There are many jobs associated with this profession which makes it beneficial for future prospects.

More about RNs

RNs stands for registered nurse. RNs have larger responsibilities as compared to LPNs. They even have to adjust the complicated parts of treatment and medical doses. RNs possess more knowledge than LPNs. They often have to take critical decisions when necessary.

People who aim for nursing career generally look for courses that helps them to be the best LPNs and RNs.

LPN programs

LPN stands for licensed practical nurse. The main responsibility of LPN is to fulfil various health care duties like, observing the patients, undertaking regular vital checks, keeping health professionals updated on patient’s condition and so on. There are variety of LPN programs, some of them are online LPN programs which helps the student to complete the course, while staying at home. They conduct online LPN classes, and also ensure the students with extraordinary rate of success.

One can start the career in this noble profession easily by choosing the right program options offered online and in person at various institutes established by the experts of this field.

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