What is Sex Therapy and how can it Help?

You may have already heard of sex therapy or sex therapists, usually through negative or incorrect references in the media. However, the truthful reality is there is nothing shameful about Sex Therapy – far from it, in fact.

What is Sex Therapy and how can it help?

Firstly, forget everything you may have heard or read about Sex Therapy – it’s probably incorrect, biased and even scurrilous.  Sadly, sometimes the ‘gossip rags’ and media report Hollywood stars are undergoing Sex Therapy treatment, but this IS NOT what Sex Therapy is.

Sex Therapy is a form of sexual healing that helps people to improve sexual functionality. For example, people suffering from forms of sexual dysfunction have found Sex Therapy immensely beneficial to their sense of wellbeing and sexual health.

Sometimes Sex Therapy focusses on removing psychological barriers, such as improving sexual awareness and confidence. Sex Therapy aims to bring sexual healing through therapy such as Tantric Therapy or Tantric Massage to improve an individual’s sexual wellbeing.

How can Sex Therapy help?

Sex Therapy can help individuals overcome sexual trauma, abuse, lack of self-esteem or confidence, to restore their sexual energy and reach a full capacity for sexual pleasure.

Sex Therapy has proven beneficial to women especially, from all walks of life and all sexual background, and enabled them to live fulfilled sexual lives.

Sometimes Sex Therapy is focussed more on recovery – e.g. from sexual assault or trauma – whilst in other cases it can help women explore their sensuality and increase their range of sexual feelings.

Tantric Therapy

Sex Therapy developed from Tantric Teaching brings a more energetic and spiritual dimension to life and sex, and originated in India with influences from Chinese Taoists. Western sexual education often does not have as deep an understanding or awareness that Tantric Therapy has.

Tantric Therapy involves education, mindfulness, breathing, sensuality, exploration and connection to develop maximum sexual potential.  Individuals and couples who have experienced Tantric Therapy bring many positive testimonials about how it has improved their sex lives and relationships.

Perhaps the best advocates of Sex Therapy are those that have been restored to peak sexuality through it, which is especially prevalent in victims of sexual abuse or with some sexual dysfunctionality.

Tantric Therapy is renowned for rekindling sexual confidence and energy, often which has been reduced previously due to trauma or limiting beliefs. Sex Therapy brings an improvement to every aspect of sexuality, especially physically and mentally, but also emotionally also.

Conclusion: Sex Therapy is beneficial for almost everyone who wants to improve their sexual health

Although it’s generally women who improve their sexual health though Sex Therapy, men may benefit also. Couples will notice the massive improvement in their partner after Sex Therapy, on so many levels.