Salon Services: What do they offer at Adva Salon Spa?


Hairstyles and Treatments

Adva Salon Spa is a luxury 8 person team of the best hairstylists, beauty and nail technicians, makeup artists and massage therapists, offer 6 hair and nails treatments; more information below:

Cut and style:

Adva offers individually tailored haircuts and styling, predominantly for women to give clients that luxury feeling of style and uniqueness, making you feel emotionally inspired to showcase your beauty to the world. The company really makes hairstyling into an art. A piece of art tailored just for yourself.Image result for Salon Services: What do they offer at Adva Salon Spa?


Adva’s specialists can provide you with up to 5 different coloring services including: full dye, touch up, roots, steampod and highlights. This will provide you with endless options to show off that new hairstyle, or to rejuvenate your existing hair. Adva’s specialists can provide you with expert advice from their mass of experience in choosing the right colours and products to be used based on your hair type.

Hair Treatment:

Through daily styling and grooming, your hair will take on a lot of damage. Stronger hair will deal with this better but it’s incredibly important to keep your hair feeling glossy, and maintaining its natural healthy look as well as your hair’s actual health made up of its root strength and durability.

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Specialists at Adva will help “repair, restore, detox and strengthen” your hair making you feel much younger with more nourished hair and generally healthier as a result.

Hair extensions

Additionally, for those with lower hair growth, hair extensions can be used to add length and volume to thin or short natural hair. This helps to give you a much more full and luxurious feel to your hair. Professional specialists over at Adva can use either clipped or taped hair extensions. You are totally free to choose what you want to do with your hair, they will advise you on what could work best and then facilitate that to the highest standard.


As well as hair styling, treatment and extensions, The Adva Salon also offer’s professional, high quality makeup. Specifically tailored the way you like it ~ perfect for that upcoming event, party or even an important night out.

Their professional, highly trained makeup artists will provide you with the correct base and color scheme, with deep consideration to the skin tone of your face. What’s more, they will provide you with expert tips on how to create the exact same look at home by talking you through the work they do.


Another half of the Adva Salon spa beauty range is nailcare. Daily tasks can take a toll on your nail health and often it becomes a chore to re-apply coats of polish as well as shaping them yourself. Adva will take matters into their own hands and can deliver high quality manicures and pedicures, glamorous feeling polish, lac and gel treatments from whatever brands you choose. Other hand and foot exfoliation treatments are also available.

So, why choose Adva Salon for you hair and beauty?

The salon has a very luxury and glamour focus consistently throughout its broad range of high quality services. Each service is provided by the most professional, well trained individuals – meet the team. Nothing short of 100% perfection is expected from staff here and the span of available treatments has you covered for all eventualities.

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