Review of IPL laser treatment: Is this the right treatment for your skin?

Thanks to advancement in cosmetic medical science, you don’t have to deal with as many skin problems as before. There are a bunch of treatments out there, each aimed at a certain type of skin issue. IPL, for the uninitiated, stands for Intense Pulsed light. IPL laser treatment, as it is also called, doesn’t really involve a laser but a broadband light for skin rejuvenation.

Done right at a good clinic, IPL laser treatment works wonders in improving the texture and tone of the skin, mainly by increasing the elasticity of the skin. It also boosts the production of collagen and removes brown and red discoloration caused by varied factors. Here’s more on IPL laser treatment at a glance and if you should consider this as an option.

Why consider IPL for skin rejuvenation?

IPL is typically used for correcting skin damage and improving skin tone, but new research hints at the possible benefits for reducing aging signs and preventing further aging. To put it in simple words, IPL works on the skin at a molecular level, and therefore, you can expect to get perfect and more younger looking skin. In most cases, IPL is used for treating conditions such as Rosacea, facial telangiectasia, solar lentigines, and spots and marks caused by sun exposure. IPL can be considered for treatment of acne, as well. If you have any of these problems, this might be a good choice.

Am I the ideal candidate for IPL?

IPL is not recommended for people with black skin, but otherwise, it is considered as an option for most cases. It should be noted that IPL can cause a few side effects on extreme brown or black skin, such as discoloration and a sensation that almost feels like burning.

More on the basics

IPL is ideally used for the face and hands. Most people need at least two sessions of IPL to get the desired effect or results. Note that you cannot consider this treatment immediately if you had extreme sun exposure (like on a vacation) for four weeks before the actual procedure. Right after the session, you will find that the dark patches skin will get darker, and eventually, it would fall off after five to seven days. The red spots of the skin will reduce too, and you will find a more even and fair skin after a week or so.

Please note that IPL is not a hair removal treatment.