Is purchasing legitimate Anavar a tough task?

Anavar @ Oxandrolone is an anabolic supplement which is a synthesized version of testosterone. Anavar helps immensely in increasing strength, muscle mass, shedding body fat along with proper diet plan and exercise. Even though being a C 17 alpha alkylated drug, its side effects and androgenic properties are lesser than other AAS. As a medicine, it works well with osteoporosis condition and escalates the growth in children.

Anavar availability:

Most of the bodybuilders, athletes choose to buy Anavar online as it makes them easy, comfortable. Some of them buy Var from pharmacies with or without a prescription, the latter is illegal. Generally, the doctors will not support such AAS for non-medical usage. So, people run behind online resources who sell the generic product at a cheaper rate than branded. Underground labs, black markets stand first in manufacturing Anavar. You should get a gist about the particular supplier, his reputation, product quality, ingredients before placing your Oxandrolone online order. If you are unable to judge, you may discuss with the persons who already used this product and read testimonials, reviews of the supplier in order to ensure about him. While you google “Oxandrolone” it will show you many sites, and description. The users, especially the beginners should be careful about choosing the best out of best. Many counterfeit products are sold in the market that contains fillers, other products than Oxandrolone, infected compounds. It is the duty of the users to select a well-established supplier before placing the order. If you are purchasing from local suppliers, have a double eye on the product.  Anavar is available in 10 mg, 20 mg, and 50 mg. Beginners are always recommended to start with the lowest dose i.e 10 mg per day.


Oxandrolone stacking with other anabolic drugs gives you a ripped physique which is most important before appearing in a competition. Anavar on daily use with Testosterone, Winstrol, Parabolan, Masteron, for every two days provides incredible strength and appealing look. The cited AAS other than Var are very strong. Though other AAS stimulate the aromatization effects, Anavar decreases the effects and helps in the people with Gynecomastia and high blood pressure. If your stacking Anavar and Anadrol (OR) Dianabol, Testosterone feel you troubled, then you may try out with Oxandrolone with Deca-Durabolin. A significant factor behind Var is it never interferes with the Testosterone production. That’s why many male bodybuilders choose it. The stack provides increased muscle mass with no water retention, no testosterone suppression.

Post cycle therapy:

Generally, women do not require anything in the post cycle therapy instead of reducing the Anavar cycle dose. Since other AAS interferes with Testosterone production, Men need to use Nolvadex / Clomid to regulate their testosterone level for 4-6 weeks. Some men do incorporate hCG injection in their PCT to reverse the side effects such as Testicular Atrophy which could affect their sperm production, sexual life, and even fertility.

Anavar has been the prime choice of women athletes due to its mild to no virilization effects. So, they hunt to buy Anavar than men, however, they should scrutinize some vital factors before purchasing from local suppliers.