Psychology: A Full Picture

Psychology – a field of study commonly misunderstood by society as studies associated with mind reading and manipulations. Perhaps having some truth to it, it still does not tell the full picture of what psychology is.

For a full picture on what Psychology really entails, Meridian University recommends the Integral Psychology course. With campuses in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, Meridian University has one day introductions to give interested and prospective students a more detailed overview of what they can expect once enrolled. Having a full picture facilitates understanding across a wide range of orientations—including psychodynamic, humanistic, somatic, cognitive-behavioural, and transpersonal—there is great value in coming to know the respective strengths and limitations of schools of psychology, and the many fascinating ways they converge and diverge.

Integral Psychology

In Integral Psychology, the crux of the matter is in consciousness. Students will learn more about the state of consciousness, the states of consciousness and how that affects psychological development in both clinical and non-clinical trials.

Promise of Integral Psychology

At Meridian University, Integral Psychology promises to deliver on three fronts:

  1. Personal alienation from society will give way to self-inquiry that illumines and allows better understanding of the human condition, giving rise to life enhancing intimacy with self, others, and nature.
  2. In places of learning where academic fragmentation is strife, integral psychology aims to teach students how to yield to the power of whole-person education, an education that transforms persons and professions.
  3. That our culture and society will be transformed by the same individuals whose lived experience is of wholeness, interconnection, and body-mind-spirit integration to show people around them who to live life differently.

Practical applications

How does this apply in real life? The uunification of theory and practice is a hallmark of integral psychology. Coaches, therapists, facilitators, and change leaders with a specialization in these orientations will benefit from a clear vision and the clarity that this gives their team, allowing them to focus on the goals at hand.

Those with different approaches will benefit from greater coherence, discussions and cooperation in their work. In both cases, an integral vision helps you to know what orientation or intervention to choose to serve a client and how to use it most effectively. Knowing Integral Psychology enables you to consider all angles and decide which ones have a better edge against the rest for your clients.

How to go about Enrolment

An important tool to learn how to respond to the crises and challenges of our times, integral psychology is something which would benefit all, no matter you walk of life. Especially with the modules that revolve around human development and Cultural Revolution.

Are you interested in what Integral Psychology has to offer not yet sure if it is for you? Why not come by for a one-day introduction with Meridian University if you are in the area, and start discovering more about how integral psychology can help you lead a more focused life.