Why To Prefer Facial Cleanser For Every Skin Types Than Bar Soaps?

Cleanser can comes handy in the removal of dead skin cells, make up, oil, dirt and other pollutants from face. It is one of the best methods to prevent skins from acnes and unclogging the pores from pollutants. It can work perfect for skin care regimen as if used together with toner and moisturizer. There are numerous brands out there providing some of awesome cleanser and you can choose the right one according to skin type. However, choosing facial cleanser for every skin types will be better than other products.

Why To Prefer Cleanser Over Bar Soap?

Bar soap is used from a long time to take bath and wash face but the time is gone yet! Bar soap can be harmful for skin and the below given reason can help you find why and how.

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  • Every skin care product has a pH level; it can be acidic as well as basic. Skin has the pH of average 4.7 whereas bar soap has higher pH of 9 to 10. Using an alkaline product on skin can make it causes more issues and increases the growth of bacteria and acne.
  • Basically, the bar soap has thickeners that are responsible for the bar shape. These may end up causing acnes because of clogging in face. Even the clogging is reason behind bad health condition of face.
  • Bars can end up removing natural oils from the skin which can form barriers against the water loss. The overproduction of oil from sebaceous glands can clog higher number of pores. This condition is termed as seboprrhoea.

These are some of the reasons to prefer cleanser gel or milk rather than using a bar soap on face. It may make you dump the soap now and head over to the purchase of cleanser.

So, what’s the best facial cleanser for every skin types?

This is frequently asked question that which brand provide the best facial cleanser for every skin type. Most of us are habitual of putting more interest in purchase of products that make us look good like serum, anti-aging cream, moisturizer and such other stuff instead of paying attention on face wash products.

To sort it out in instant, the below given are some factors that can help in right purchase

  • Make removing cleansers are made for all skin types and if it too much stripping then the skin will be dry whereas buying rich one can leave residue which can clog up the pores. You should choose the one that isn’t too stripping or too rich.
  • Deep cleansers are helpful in the removal of dirt and other pollutant from pores properly. People who always deal with higher pollutants everyday due to traffic out there or such other things can prefer deep cleansers.

These two steps will let you find a good product but make sure to go for reputed brands. Such brands offer best facial cleanser for every skin types and most of them have the pH level matching to skin.