Practice Pilates for a Stronger Body and Mind

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Once thought of as simply a sister exercise to yoga, Pilates is growing in popularity worldwide, and for good reason. As more and more people are learning the amazing health benefits that come from practicing Pilates, there are group classes, individual instruction, and rehabilitation programs opening everywhere. If you have never considered including Pilates as a part of your treatment, recovery, or workout, then it’s time to reconsider this form of exercise as it brings a number of benefits to the table that you may not otherwise be able to enjoy from your treatment and exercise. Working with an expert who is trained in Pilates and teaching others is the best way to ensure that you get all of the benefits from this workout without risking any injury while performing the moves.

Stronger Body

While Pilates may look easy to a casual observer, this is actually a very rigorous workout that will result in much stronger muscles and improved flexibility. While Pilates doesn’t rely on an intense amount of cardio as running does, it still provides a great, albeit gentle, workout. People who practice Pilates develop very strong cores, flat abdominals, and strong backs. This means that they are less likely to be injured while playing sports or even during their normal daily routines.

In addition to becoming stronger, Pilates in Floreat will make its practitioners much more flexible. While muscles are strengthened, they are also lengthened, improving the mobility of joints and how elastic the muscles are all over the body. It’s short and bulky muscles that are so easily injured and since Pilates will lengthen and strengthen muscles, practicing it results in fewer injuries.

Stronger Mind

The other amazing benefit of practicing Pilates is that you become more aware and in sync with your body. Through proper breathing techniques, flowing movements, and great alignment, you learn how to better control your body. Being able to breathe deeply and fully through your body will help with handling stress and can actually help you reduce the stress that you feel on a daily basis. People who practice Pilates on a regular basis are able to calm themselves more easily than those who don’t.

If you aren’t including Pilates in your workout, then you are missing out on a key way to get stronger, leaner, and healthier while improving your mental health as well. Even if you are only able to include this workout once a week, you will see a huge benefit in how you look and feel. While it’s better to practice Pilates more often than once a week, committing to starting out in a weekly class will introduce you to the movements and breathing and help you become stronger and more sure of yourself.