Planning out your pregnancy in advance

The chances are that you might be conferred the status of singulair pregnancy and the stress levels have got the better of you. But apart from singulair and pregnancy there are many areas to address when you are pregnant. Let us explore them in details

Coping with stress

Pick up the habit of yoga deep breathing. With yoga it reduces stress and calms your body and mind. Learning the art of simple nostril breathing would eradicate the stress from your body. There are various videos available on the internet making your task an easy one.

Sleep in a strategic manner

In case if you are facing difficult to sleep at night then a better choice would be to sleep on the left side. The reason being that it is best position for a baby to be preparing for delivery. You can try placing a pillow in between your thighs and rest your bump on it. This poses to be a great way to become comfortable and avail the much needed rest.

Opt for supplements to reduce the levels of discomfort in your aching legs

A majority of women suffer from leg cramps that keep them awake during pregnancy. The main reason could be low levels of magnesium or calcium in your body. The doctor might ask you to take a combination of both these supplements and even foods rich in them.

Plan out your next dental visit before the baby arrives

Before your delivery a couple of months earlier schedule a dental visit. New mothers are known to put off their dental visit as this is a neglected area. The more you tend to delay cavities are likely to emerge. In a year or two a lot of things can go on to happen.

Practice the art of simple stretching

This is going to help your reduce the swelling of the ankles. Once you are towards the end of pregnancy, you could be resting your heels on top of the cupboard. The key is to take things slow and practice the art of full breaths for 20 minutes before you head to bed.

At the same time resist the temptation to over stretch all the more so during the third trimester of pregnancy. The reason is the hormone relaxin is preparing your body for the process of labor as the rest of your joints can go on to becomes a lot loose. This seems to be the time not to get into the over drive mode as you are close to the end result.

After 30 weeks of gestation keep away from inverted exercises

 Any head below the hip position in the form of downward dog or headstand can lead to the possibility of a breech baby.

In a nutshell one of the best piece of advices to a would be mother is to not have any expectations in mind. Try to be in the moment and relax in the best possible way. After all a new life is about to change your life for the better!