Outshine In Healthcare with the Right Approach and Proper Phlebotomy Training


HHealthCare has always embraced qualified professionals with pleasing personality and ability to handle high-pressure situations calmly. Healthcare segment is growing at a fast pace consequently healthcare jobs are in high demand across the globe. Phlebotomy is a procedure related to drawing blood for laboratory testing, donations, transfusions, and research.  Job profile of phlebotomist is challenging, profitable and rewarding and with proper training and certification from reliable medical school every aspiring phlebotomist can easily sustain in his competitive workplace and build a sound career.

Enhance interpersonal skills

 Phlebotomists are expected to have good people skills because they have to work with patients who widely differ from each other regarding age, gender, profession, medical history, test requirements, special needs, etc. directly at a regular basis. Before performing the venipuncture procedure, phlebotomists must make the patients relaxed and comfortable. With some common skills set such as time management skills, good communication, good listening ability, self-confidence, strong work ethics, collaboration, patience, ability to accept constructive feedback, etc. every phlebotomist can instantly connect with the patients and gain their confidence and conveniently can convince them to be cooperative during the whole procedure.

Performing job duties efficiently

Phlebotomy is a crucial procedure which is immensely effective in finding out the cause of various diseases, infections, and other complicated health conditions. Knowing the importance of phlebotomy in determining the treatment procedures of the patients most of the reputed hospitals, health care centers, clinics, and laboratories hire phlebotomists after proper evaluation of skills required for this specific role and comprehensive background checkup. A slight mistake in part of phlebotomists such as choosing the wrong site for puncture, collecting the sample in wrong test tubes, not adhering by laboratory safety procedures or error in labeling procedure might result in dangerous consequences.

Knowledge of additives

After successful venipuncture procedure, the next important step is to collect the sample in right color phlebotomy test tubes as per test requirements as each color indicates some additives. With proper knowledge about the order of draw, phlebotomists can significantly avoid cross contamination. The recommended order of draw is:

  • Red-gray or gold –SST
  • Dark green-sodium heparin
  • Light green- PST
  • Lavender- EDTA
  • Pale yellow- ACDA or ACDB
  • Light gray- oxalate/fluoride

Focus on control of infections

The workstation of phlebotomists needs to be always clean and uncluttered.  Special measures have to be taken regarding cleaning floor, chairs and other items inside the room with disinfectant at regular interval.  It is the responsibility of phlebotomists to keep the environment germ free and healthy for patients and hence to consider few factors could be immensely beneficial in controlling the spread of infections.

  • carry out hand hygiene such as washing hand with soap before and after handling each patient
  • unfailing wearing gloves during puncture procedure
  • swabs the puncture site with an antiseptic in proper motion
  • sterile single-time use device for blood sampling
  • Dispose of used materials in designated containers immediately
  • leak-proof bags for transportation of the sample
  • use masks, visors and eye protection while handling patients with communicable diseases

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