Options for Patients Considering Gall Stone Surgery


Once gallstones are discovered, they need removal through surgery immediately. There are two options for surgery. They include open and laparoscopic surgery. These two types differ in terms of the type of incision and healing time. Get a guide before choosing the type of surgery to have.

Laparoscopic gallstone surgery

Most patients prefer this type of surgery. It involves a small incision in the abdomen. The use of surgical equipment including a small camera is used to perform the surgery. Once the surgeon locates the gallstones, they are removed. This type of surgery will leave almost no scar, thus making it the preference for most people.

Open gallstone surgery

This method is often thought of as the traditional way of removing gallstones. It will involve a larger incision and wound. The wound usually takes a longer period before it heals. Through the big incision, the gallstones are removed.

Healing after surgery

Healing after the gallstone surgery will depend on each patient. However, the type of surgery you choose will affect the healing period. There are various differences in the way the two operations are done. This will affect the time before you’ll resume work. The open surgery requires more healing time, while laparoscopic requires only a short time.


This is an aspect that cannot be ignored since it affects the success of the gallstone surgery. The surgeon may recommend open surgery for some reasons that include; existing ailments, or a previous surgery. Another reason might be a previous bladder perforation before a gallstone surgery in London. Follow the doctor‘s guide for the best safety after the gallstone surgery.


It is necessary to have medication for either type of surgery. With laparoscopic surgery, laxatives are required, to reduce diarrhoea and constipation. It is also necessary to have the best antibiotics, in order to reduce the risk of infection in the wound. It is riskier to get an infection after the open gallstone surgery.

Doctor’s experience

In order to have the liberty to choose which method you need for the surgery, consider the doctor’s experience. When your doctor is not experienced in either of the options, then you are limited to one. Get a doctor who is well experienced in all methods of surgery, as it helps in choosing the best surgery for you.

Taking a shower may take more time after having open surgery, unlike after laparoscopic surgery. Ensure the doctor gives his opinion and best option for you before making your final decision. Follow the doctor’s advice and visit the hospital in case anything unusual happens. Ensure you also consider the cost that each type of gallstone surgery will incur.

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