Online therapy is going to be the future of counseling – What are the benefits?

What is therapy? Generally, it comprises of sitting on a chair and speaking to your heart’s content with your counselor. However, as the digital age has arrived, everything has changed, and online therapy has become even more beneficial than traditional therapy. As per a new study revealed from the University of Zurich, all those counseling sessions which were carried online had become increasingly common recently. In fact there are many sites like as well which have successfully created an entire network of online therapists who use video chats and instant messages to constantly help patients.

In order to decide how much effective the online counseling procedure is, researchers questioned few therapists for treating 65 patients who have been suffering from depression at a moderate level. The patients were divided into 2 groups and one group was treated with face-to-face therapy and the other was treated online.

Both the groups got 8 sessions which comprised of different techniques based on cognitive behavioral therapy. As far as the results are concerned, a Professor said that in both the groups, the values of depression reduced at a considerable level. 54% of those who were treated online didn’t suffer from depression any longer as against 50% of those who went through conventional therapy.

Once there were follow-up sessions, it was seen that the recovery rates among the patients who underwent online therapy were higher than those who sat with counselors face-to-face. Hence, at the end of the day, 58% of those patients who got online treatment were totally cured of depression as against 41% of those who went through conventional therapy. As the results came out in paper, people came to know more about the online success and they started believing i the same.

The cost-effective nature of online therapy

At around just $20 to $50 in a week, against $100-$200 for a conventional therapy session, you can well understand why people choose an online therapist over a traditional one. As online therapists offer ads on the internet, it is even easier to locate one and you can choose the best one after going through the reviews that are set online.

Flexibility of time

The best part about seeking help of an online counselor is the fact that he will be accessible any time. You have your smartphone in your pocket and you can write an instant message to the counselor at any time to seek his help. There’s no question of standing at queues and no worry of having to wait for too long.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about the different ways in which online therapy is better than its traditional counterpart, you can take into account the above mentioned points.