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Carl Jung famed analytic psychology-the Jungian analysis is a class of psychotherapy. It entails dealing with an array of personal and work issues and challenges by recognizing the main complexes for a creative and gainful work as well as the possibilities for more promising relationships.

The most outstanding curative determinant in the Jungian analysis is having a healthy working relationship with the therapist. The sole aim of a first consultation is to determine the suitability of the analysis on a prospect.   

Dreams often disclose the problem with our conscious actions. Even though most people cannot remember their dreams, New York Jungian psychologists can help them recollect them. It is crucial to get started with any prior dream before the first therapy session.  

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Although dreams are vital to the eventual outcome of the analysis, however, the absence of it by no means hinders a person from participating fully in the therapy. Meticulous discussions of the day to day activities and challenges of life are also an integral part of the therapy. These sessions are done in person with the therapist at least once every week.

Differences between therapy and counseling

The main difference between the two is basically in the variation in the intensity, scope, sense and time and also the emphasis on support instead of exploration.  

Analytic psychotherapy lays more emphasis on the deep and open inquiry into basic problems in a way that is more meticulous and comprehensive. So therapy sessions are lengthier compared to counseling sessions. For analytic psychotherapy, sessions are held two times a week, which is not obtainable in counseling.

Analytical psychotherapy is essentially modeled on what is obtainable in analytic and psychoanalytic courses, based on the workings and findings of Jung and a host of other greats in the field. Although it is not seen as a basic approach, counselors however can still learn something from it.

Counselors, who are more or less advisors typically work for shorter duration and adopt an approach that is better focused on the problem compared to psychotherapists. Analytical psychotherapy focuses more on applying practical solutions to remedy issues.

Psychotherapy therefore is the last resort when other conventional methods are unable to fix the problem successfully or when the problem seems harder than what was anticipated. The objective of analytical psychotherapy is focused on long-term behavioral nature that may only become visible despite being present since childhood.. The uncovering of the most basic problems often times may be the only approach that can be employed in managing these behaviors.  

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