Natural ways to get rid of warts


A wart is a fleshy, small bump on caused when your skin comes in contact with the HPV virus. They are painful and highly contagious. Sometimes, warts can heal without any outer remedy but the stubborn ones need immediate treatment. More than the healing creams found in the chemist stores, natural methods are inexpensive and more useful for effective warts removal.

Aloe Vera

Break a leaf from an Aloe Vera plant if you have one. Apply the gel to the affected area and cover it immediately. Fresh, directly from the left is the best. Malic acid present in Aloe Vera speeds the process of healing.

Tea tree oil

Natural oils have been used for various treatments for centuries. The tea tree oil has many benefits and curing warts is one of them. Apply directly on the wart and cover with a bandage. Cloves can be applied with tea tree oil for faster healing.

Baking powder and castor oil

Mix baking powder and castor oil creating a paste. Apply this paste and wrap and cloth around it. Let it stay the whole night and repeat daily.


Pineapple is a huge source of enzymes and natural acids that could help reduce warts. Apply freshly cut pineapple on the affected area. Repeat it several times daily.

Prevention from spreading

Warts are highly contagious, i.e. they can easily spread through touch. This means that not only could it pass on to another person but if you have it one place, you could easily pass it on to some other part of your body. One way to prevent against this is to never touch the wart and always keeping it bandaged or closed. If at all you touch the wart, then always wash your hands before touching any other part of your body.


Another prevention method is hygiene. Always maintaining a high level of personal hygiene is absolutely crucial. Not sharing personal items like toothbrush, comb, towels, razors etc., always wearing footwear at all times, are also some other ways that could keep warts in check.


The main cause of warts is a virus entering your body and attacking the immune system. So the best way would not only be taking care of the superficial remedies but try making your body stronger from within, to fight the virus. Include immunity boosters in your daily diet like Vitamin C and zinc.

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