Minimal Space at Home: Essential Equipment for Your Home Gym


Working out in your home is effortless. You have just to move down to your basement and start doing your exercise. No one is going to bother you about anything, like at what temperature the thermostat is set, you can always set it to your preferences. You can put your music loud, and no one else going to listen, or you can even grunt and get embarrassed about anything.

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A lot of people want to set up a home gym, but they get scared of the amount that they have to spend. But to be honest, you can make a gym at your home. A gym around the size of your yoga mat is well and enough, and you can make it in a space like a living room if you can manage a basket or shelf to roll your equipment in them making the whole place free when you are not exercising. For best help, you can also contact

Following are equipment are useful tools for fitness and can fit in a little space

  1. Mini Looped Resisted Bands: Resisted bands are very versatile; you can target your whole body and can mimic most of the strength moves which are machine based. A pack with various levels of resistance will do your job.
  2. Mino Foam Roller: Foam roller is suitable for mobility and recovery. Use foam rollers while doing pushups, put your hands on them, this will challenge your back. A Foam roller of medium size is large, and it would be difficult in finding a place to keep it.
  3. Kettlebell: It is used when you want to swing or thrusts, a significant amount of weight is required. You can use a kettlebell for overhead presses, squats and deadlifts.
  4. Jump Rope: Jump rope helps in cardiovascular exercises. It also works your arms, shoulders, core and legs. If you are a frequent traveller, you can easily carry jump ropes with you and can do some exercises whenever you find the time.
  5. Dumbbells: Dumbbells are required for to put a little bit of weight when you exercise, like putting some weights while doing donkey kicks. Dumbbells are also required for doing triceps and some chest moves.
  6. Yoga Mat: If your floor is hard, you need a yoga mat. A yoga mat which rolls back when you are storing it is good for any workouts when you have to lie down.


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