Men’s Health Issues That Aren’t as Serious as you Think

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Come on guys admit it, you can all be real drama queens when it comes to your health. A sniffle is the flu, a toothache needs a root canal and an ingrown toenail is one step away from amputation. Joking aside, there are many male health issues which women simply don’t get. There are certain parts of the male anatomy which come under more self scrutiny than any other, and panic sets in if something is amiss. Here are a few of these health issues that really aren’t as serious.

Erectile Dysfunction

Men worry more about their penis than any other part of their body. This is understandable as for most it’s the very essence of their manhood. When it suddenly stops working properly, full blown panic sets in. Erectile dysfunction covers a wide spectrum of complaints it’s impossible to list them all here. Rest assured there are as many erectile dysfunction solutions as there are causes.

Man Flu

Runny nose, headaches, sore throat, aching muscles? Time to get into bed and stay there for as long as possible while you battle the scourge known as man flu. A bad cold can be horrible to deal with thanks to the congestion, sneezing and everything tasting like cardboard. But that’s all it is guys,a bad cold. If you feel the need to hibernate while you recover from this evil disease, surviving on chicken soup and Advil, then you are probably in the best place. See you in a week or so!

Jock Itch

Scratching an itch is something we all do at sometime, but when that itch is in your genital area and won’t go away, you are going to worry. It’s way more likely to be Jock Itch than crabs, although if there is a chance you could have picked up an STI get yourself checked out ASAP. So, Jock Itch. So called as it’s most common in the shorts of sportsmen. It’s actually a fungal breakout similar to athlete’s foot and it’s broken out around the groin area. The dark, moist conditions in your groin are the perfect conditions for fungus to break out, but some cream from your doctor will soon knock it on the head.

Premature Ejaculation

There’s nothing wrong with being a stallion and “winning” in the bedroom, unless you are barely out of the stable! Men freak out about premature ejaculation, and the stress can actually make the condition worse. It is widely believed that this is a mental rather than a physical problem, and is stress related. It should also be reassuring to know that it’s a very common problem that happens to most men at some point in their lives. There are a lot of self help relaxation techniques available with may help and the chances are it will go away on its own. If it becomes a long term problem however, and starts to cause real problems in your relationship, a chat to your doctor would be a good idea.