Do marijuana detox drinks work for drug tests?


We all hate it when a surprise drug test comes out of nowhere. The normal response is to begin panicking, knowing that you may not get that job you’ve always wanted, or even worse. There’s a lot of wrong information on how to detox yourself on the internet, so let’s get the facts straight.

Alright, so the first thing you need to know is that there are simply too many methods to try and you should probably just stick to one. Trying multiple detoxing drinks at the same time, just because you are worried, may be a big mistake. The right approach is to always go with a trusted brand, something that everyone is familiar with and that everybody recommends.

Marijuana detox drinks do work, but not all of them do and the ones that do tend to be very expensive. Never ever cheap out. Always go with the trusted brands, even if they are more expensive, think of it as a smart investment.

So, what types of detox drinks are there? Well there’s a few, but the main types are designed to clean your system from THC in 3-7 days or in 24 hours. If you choose to go with a faster detox, keep in mind that it can be way harsher on your body, nevertheless all drinks are safe, if you follow their instructions. Marijuana can be detected inside of your urine for months after your last use, so detoxing may be your only option. That said, the slower versions are permeant, they will fully clean your system to undetectable levels of THC until you toke up again, unlike the quicker products.

Detox drinks are aimed at cleaning out your urine and nothing else, due to the fact that urine tests are most commonly given when tested for marijuana. If you are being given a hair or blood test, marijuana detox drink won’t be of any help to you, but that’s unlikely due to the cost of these rare tests. While blood tests are pricy, they are also considered accurate and the golden standard for marijuana testing, so beating one of them can be tricky. Hair tests are even more rare; they are also considered inaccurate.

If you decide that detoxing isn’t the right choice for you, there’s an alternative. Synthetic urine isn’t as popular of a choice, but if you buy the right kind it can be even better at fooling any kind of urine tests you may be given.

Synthetic urine can be highly expensive and has its own issues, so going with the good old detox is probably the safest route for most.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that most of the time you will have to order your detox drink online and that will cost you a lot of time. You can be tested positive even before your product arrives; that’s why you should always keep some in stock. You simply never know when you might be required to take a drug test, so always keep a THC detox drink at home in case the inevitable happens.

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