Interesting Sights in Banyuwangi

As the biggest district in the state of East Java, Banyuwangi is currently getting to be one of the hottest tourist destinations. Who understands that the town situated on the southern tip of Java Island conserves a thousand fascinations with attractiveness?

Directly next to the straits of Bali, many people only stop by crossing to Bali. In case you have time, attempt to remain for an instant and research The Sunrise of Java. The area is very varied, which range from lowlands to highlands, mountains, and coastal locations, in addition to historic websites along with other heritages of historical times.

For all those who wish to learn more about Banyuwangi, the next is a listing of fascinating sights to see.

  1. Pura Agung Blambangan

Founded in history, Pura Agung Blambangan is a historical site relic of this Blambangan Kingdom at Alas Purwo, South Banyuwangi. This temple has a Hindu style that is a magnet for pilgrims. Not only out of Java, but people also come from Bali when the Kuningan arrived.

Australian tourists often see Pura Agung Blambangan due to its interesting building arrangement. This temple is the 2nd largest after the Temple of Mount Salak and will be the biggest one of 92 other temples in Banyuwangi. While going to the temple, you have to wear a scarf to honour local traditions and culture.

  1. Sidodadi Glenmore Reservoir

Sidodadi Glenmore Reservoir is one of the newest tourist attractions in Banyuwangi. However, the possibility of the surrounding natural beauty is used by local governments and turns the place into an inexpensive tourist site.

Located in Karangharjo, Glenmore, the reservoir has an area of over 6 hectares and will last to be grown into 10 hectares. Access to this site is not too difficult, with excellent road conditions and near the mainline of Pacitan-Banyuwangi.

Here, visitors can carry out various exciting activities, such as hanging sliding over the 160 meters across the dam, rent an ATV, angling, or challenge the motor circuit. In addition to that, however, the tourist attraction also offers a beautiful flower garden, orchard, swimming pool and camping area. If you wish to try various rides available, the rates are ranging from IDR 10,000 into IDR 25,000 each ride.

  1. Osing Banyuwangi Tourism Village

Local folks know it from the name Kemiren village. However, the village is far better known for tourists as Osing village. The Osing tribe had been once the men of Majapahit. However, when the kingdom was assaulted, a number of these fled Tengger, Banyuwangi, and Bali. Back in Banyuwangi, they assembled the Blambangan Kingdom. Back in Osing village, the principal attraction is Studio Genjah Arum that has an order of average ancient Osing homes, obsolete over 100 years old.

Visitors can learn about the background of their tribe from the homes’ form. The culture includes four custom homes with unique shapes which indicate social standing, namely Crocogan, Tikelbalung, Tikel, along with Serangan.

At Studio Genjah Arum, it is possible to witness the customs and culture of indigenous Osing directly. You will find angklung paglak played by farmers while still keeping their rice fields. There is also the Barong Kemiren and Gandrung dance done when welcoming guests. Even more interesting, visitors can listen to Othek or mortar music played with middle-aged women of the Osing tribe. The music is performed by playing a pestle and mortar to the accompaniment of songs by angklung paglak and drum.

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