Injuries Caused by Dance Rehearsals and Some Prevention


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Dancers are creative people and need to remain fit and active for their profession. They need stamina and a lot of strength to do the steps for the stage shows. They go through rigorous rehearsals to gain that perfection in their performance. The exertion level is more and often a lot to taken even by the professional dancers. This causes injuries and strain on the foot or the ankle muscles and joints. The twists and turns and the regular thumping of the feet on hard ground during practice and on stage performance are the major reasons for the injuries. Some injuries are the sprained ankles, Achilles tendonitis, trigger toe or flexor halluces longus tenosynovitis, ankle and hip impingements.

Injuries of the ankle

You will find these different types of injuries are caused by different reasons and various steps taken by the dancer. You can consult the site – for better understanding. The treatment also varies according to the injuries that have taken place. The ankle sprain is most common injury for the dancers. This can be caused by movements that often force the ankle to move out of its normal range. It is overstretching that often causes the ligaments to tear or get seriously damaged. The pain caused is to be taken care of with help of medications or ointment. There are exercises that can help in strengthening the ankle and the hips too. Physical therapy with the guidance of such therapists will ward off the stiffness of the ankles.

Achilles tendonitis at back of ankle

The Achilles tendonitis is the inflammation of the tendons at the back of the ankle and are quite painful and uncomfortable. Mostly this situation is caused due to extensive training and strain on the tendons. The pain sets in gradually and it is at the place just above the heels. The best ways to prevent the pain is to stretch the Achilles while keeping foot at parallel. Strengthening the hip, quadriceps and core muscles will also alleviate the pain. Most of the time, proper training of the dance steps is the best treatment. Physical therapy is another way to treat this issue.

Trigger toe is painful at the base of the foot

Trigger toe happens with overuse of the foot. Damage of the muscles and soft imflammation is the result and then it becomes painful. The pain is felt at the base of the foot or underneath the foot and the toes feel stuck. Rolling the foot arch with a ball underneath will set up a proper prevention of further damage. Stretching and massage of the muscles are the treatments that you can get relief with. There are options for surgery too and this is only by the consultation of your doctor.

Ankle impingement and Hip impingement

Pinching of the tissues of ankle is named impingement of ankle and it happens at the back and front of the ankle. Stretching of Achilles and pointe are good preventive measures. Physical therapy will help you in relieving the pain and further treatment may ask you to go through surgery. You will get some better ideas about such situations from the site Hip impingement may cause by arthritis, strain of muscles and due to stress fracture. Physical therapy is always the best treatment and strengthening exercises for hip and core are the other options to keep these pains away. Modification of dance rehearsals will also help you to get some relief.

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