Injecting Liquid Fuel for the Muscles

Health and fitness have a correlation with physical development. At least, that’s what it is today. The meaning of physical fitness and being healthy used to be just being free from ailments. Today, the definition of physical fitness is having a healthy, well-developed body. This is achieved through hard work, dedication, constant exercise and a healthy diet. Usually, this takes a bit of time before the results start to show. There is however, a way to shorten that time. It is by using performance enhancing substances such as supplements and/or steroids to help with the development.

This is actually quite a common thing especially for athletes and bodybuilders who are looking for results, fast. One substance in particular is the steroid, Stanozolol, more commonly known as Winstrol, or for some, Winny. This particular drug can be greatly beneficial to an athlete, bodybuilder or anyone in general who is looking for something to help them with their physical development. Winny comes in two forms, the liquid Winstrol Depot and the oral form, known as Winstrol V. Depot has a longer half-life compared to the oral form but it still all comes down to preference and what you need in terms of effects and results.

The all-arounder

One thing about Winstrol that makes it so popular is the results. When taking the drug, you are not only gaining lean muscle but also reducing and eliminating excess fat in the process. Actually, Winny is more of a weight loss steroid as compared to being a steroid made for bulking. The gains or muscle mass development coming from the effects of the drug isn’t as huge when compared to other steroids. This aspect is why it is also popular among the ladies.

Although, while not necessarily made for bulking, when added with other substances that are designed for mass gain, Winstrol can be very effective. This is mainly due to its ergogenic effects which increase the user’s strength speed and stamina.

The game changer

What makes this steroid so popular among athletes is its ergogenic or performance enhancing effects. Effects such as increased speed, strength and stamina are quite important especially in competitive sports. These effects give the athletes the upper hand and make them perform at the top of their game, sometimes even more.

How long do the effects stay in the system?

As there are two forms of the steroid, the effects and length of the effects may differ. The oral form has the advantage of being easily administered; the effects are much faster acting as well but only stay in the user’s system for a short period of time, which is around 8 hours. This is why people who are taking the oral form may have to take it twice a day for the full effect. The liquid form however, despite it being an injectable, may be more effective as it is more potent and can last longer inside the user’s system.

One thing about oral steroids is that it will take its toll on your liver, increasing toxicity levels when consumed in higher, frequent doses for long periods. This makes Winstrol Depot, the injectable, a more ideal choice. Also, for health and safety reasons, following the recommended dosage is very important. There are various steroid cycles for Winny, choosing one that works best for you and can generate the results that you want is ideal to get the results that you want.