Important Benefits of Cranberry Juice


Cranberry juice benefits and side effects

There are many benefits to consuming cranberry juice on a regular basis outside of the fantastic fresh taste. This tart and sweet beverage may help to reduce the length of certain illnesses, promote healthy bones and even delay the formation of kidney stones in certain people.

Fight Respiratory Infection

A respiratory infection is an infection in which bacteria invade the lungs, causing shortness of breath, wheezing or coughing. Cranberry juice has been shown to inhibit the growth of particular bacteria known as Haemophilus Influenza, which is known to be a primary cause of both respiratory and ear infections in children. It does this by reducing the number of hair-like structures found on the bacteria that allow it to adhere to the surface of the areas they infect. While the actual amount of benefit cranberry juice provides in this instance is unknown, children who consume cranberry juice regularly were shown to have milder and shorter-lived infections.

Fight Obesity

People who are dieting and exercising in an attempt to fight obesity often look for natural foods and drinks they can add to their diet in order to realize additional weight loss. Cranberry juice is an amazing product in this regard because it is very rich in organic acids. Essentially, organic acids break down the fat deposits within the body, making them easier to ‘burn off’ with exercise. Therefore, individuals who are already working toward a healthy lifestyle should add cranberry juice to their diet plans for a little extra help in shedding those unwanted pounds. Cranberry juice alone is not a cure for obesity, however.

Stronger Bones and Teeth

Cranberry juice itself is a wonderful source of calcium and Vitamin D. The Vitamin D in the juice helps to promote better absorption of calcium within the body, and many cranberry juice makers even add additional calcium to their products in order to promote healthy bones and teeth. Regular consumption of a low-sugar or sugar-free cranberry juice can help prevent tooth decay and osteoporosis, which is a degenerative bone disease that typically strikes adults during their elderly years.

Ingesting Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice provides the best benefits when it is consumed alone rather than in cocktail form. It is also more beneficial when no additional sugars or preservatives have been added. However, pure unsweetened cranberry juice is very tart, and many people are put off by the taste. To counteract this, health professionals recommend diluting two ounces of cranberry juice in four or more ounces of water several times a day. This way, the taste is more palatable and consumers are able to realize all of the benefits that the juice can provide. While supplements are available, drinking the product in juice form results in more reliable dispersion of the beneficial compounds throughout the body. If you don’t like the flavor of cranberry juice you can try taking it in capsule form, which you can easily find in any vitamin supplement catalog.

The benefits of consuming cranberry juice on a regular basis are many. Some of the other benefits associated with this wonderful product include the ability to fight certain cancers and stomach disorders as well as preventing the formation of kidney stones due to the high acidic content.

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