How to Hire a Good Confinement Lady in Singapore


In many cultures, it is customary for the new mother to receive at least a few days off after giving birth. The rest period is called maternity leave. It helps recover their energy while they tend to their newborn children. They can be as many as a few weeks to only a few days. But the Chinese (and many parts of Asia) have a different mindset regarding what the mother needs after childbirth. Unlike many other countries which may force mothers to clock in for work soon after the birth of their children, many cultures will employ ‘rest periods’ for the mother while they recover. These rest periods often come with a confinement lady in Singapore who has the responsibilities that the mother usually takes over.

In hindsight, the practice makes a lot of sense. After all, childbirth is a potential trauma-inducing experience that leaves mothers in a vulnerable state. Mothers in vulnerable states are usually unable to complete any work they usually do. Not to mention that they already have a new mouth to feed in the family (literally)! It does not take a genius to deduce that an extra pair of hands are required to complete the daily chores and other activities the woman has around the house. Even if the mother’s only job is being a housewife, it can become exhausting to tend to a newborn while looking after the rest of the children and household chores.

A Brief Look Into Confinement Nannies

Hiring a confinement nanny agency in Singapore is far from the archaic practice that some people might believe it is. Yes, it might be a traditional practice stemming from the Chinese, but there is a good reason why the practice is still alive to this very day. A large portion of the Singaporean population still engages in the services of a confinement nanny. The confinement period is not only to uphold a tradition—it stems from a belief that new mothers’ health, wellness and strength are weakened after childbirth, making them vulnerable to illnesses, accidents, and the like. This vulnerability makes mothers less than fit to do hard tasks that require much labour. They need time indoors to recuperate and return to their previous energy levels.

When you get confinement nanny services, new mothers will get a breather from the tasks they normally perform. A confinement nanny focuses on giving care and attention to both the newborn baby and the mother. They are often employed for an entire month or more and are responsible for such nanny duties as cooking nutritious confinement meals, performing household chores, and advising the new mother how to take care of their child.

The next days, weeks, and even months after you have given birth to the newest member of your family are incredibly stressful and harrowing experiences.  You not only need to mind the care of your newborn, but you also have to run your household and return to normal duties in a short period. If your workload is giving you unnecessary hardships, then turn to a place that offers confinement services in Singapore with professionals who are happy to help you out.

A confinement nanny or confinement lady is a person who is experienced in the responsibilities and duties of raising newborn children and babies. They can perform numerous tasks around the household. In short, they are a stay-in nanny specialising in mothers and childcare.

How to Hire Your Confinement Nanny



There may come a time when you decide whether you need confinement nanny services in Singapore. If you have relatives, friends, or other loved ones who can stay in your home to help you recover during those first few crucial months, then a nanny might not be all that necessary for your circumstances. However, if your specific situation has you left all by yourself with no assistance, you might need a confinement nanny’s help to run the household while you recover from childbirth and focus on giving your baby everything they need.

What are the tips to help you grab some of the best confinement nannies in the field today? Here are some top tips for hiring a nanny from a confinement agency.

1) Explore recommendations and check out various agencies.

Don’t just limit yourself to one choice. The last thing you want is someone who gives subpar services. You are supposed to spend weeks or months with the near-stranger, so you want someone professional with the know-how and experience to give you what you need. Thankfully, it is easy to do this by checking out the agencies available at your disposal. There are many of them operating in Singapore.

2) Think of the schedules you want your nanny to have in your home.

Sometimes a confinement nanny can stay in your home full time, other times, they will be there to provide for you in the daytime. Check what kind of schedules the confinement lady in Singapore can provide for you. Sometimes daytime services are just as good as round-the-clock care. You should only get what you need so you can stay on budget.

3) Outline their duties to them and do not expect more than what is expected.

Some people are under the misguided assumption that a confinement nanny is a maid. Though they do traditionally domestic chores such as laundry and cooking, that does not mean they share the same responsibilities as those of the maids. They are much more focused on the health and well-being of the mother.

Look for a confinement nanny agency in Singapore to help you with your motherly duties and help you with other miscellaneous household tasks. Reach out to Super Nanny Services to know more about what you should do to hire a trusted nanny.

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