How a Blood Tube Stripper Makes Blood Storage Easier to Handle

A blood tube stripper is a plier-like tool intended to be used with PVC blood tubing. It strips undiluted blood from the donor tubing.

The main purpose of a blood tube stripper is to remove the air or liquid from rubber tubes in infusion or connecting bags. This is important during body fluid collection, such as in blood banks, as it helps move the fluid that remains in the tube onto the bag to avoid wastage.

How a blood tube stripper helps blood storage easier to handle:

  1. It can be used with different sizes of blood bag tubes.

Blood bag tubes come in different sizes. There are instances when some remaining blood remains in the tubes, making them challenging to squeeze out. A stripper then moves these remaining droplets from the tube onto the container for storage or use.

  1. Faster stripping of blood tubing.

Using a blood tube stripper also speeds up the process of transferring blood from a bag onto a container or vice versa. Rather than squeeze the tube for the remaining droplets to be moved, one can immediately proceed to stripping right after transferring the bigger amount of blood onto another container.

  1. Facilitates anticoagulation of blood in a blood bag tubing prior to preparing segments.

Blood may coagulate during a transfer process. Since a stripper moves the blood in the tubing, it also helps prevent it from coagulating until it is in another container, such as a new blood bag.

  1. Changeable stripping speed and power supply.

Blood tube strippers can be calibrated to specific stripping speeds. This allows users to transfer and strip blood in a more efficient manner and reduce human error during the process.

Blood tube strippers are also electronically powered, and their stripping speeds can be adjusted according to a user’s preferences.