Where does all our Hospital Waste go?

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  • The problem with hospital waste

The problem with hospital waste is that it comprises of a whole range of non-degradable, degradable and other more ‘sensitive’ discarded materials.

The logistics of operating a cost effective and manageable hospital waste system are quite daunting. It can’t all just be thrown in a bin for next-day collection!

Hygienic hospital processes and practices are of paramount importance to the welfare and safety of all staff and patients. Where there’s waste there’s always storage and health and safety risks.

And that’s why hospital waste management’s complex challenges necessitate professional solutions.

However, the issues of waste are shared right across the healthcare sector, from pharmacies to surgeries and care homes. The problems may be on different scales but are nevertheless similar in nature.

Each of these amenities generate their fair share of wastage, from non-degradable plastics and metals to cardboard and bio-degradable foods.

  • What to do?

Well, it’s a challenge that cannot be ignored; there are now rules, procedures and moral responsibilities for the disposal of all left-overs. The environment demands we take action!

With ever increasing awareness of the need to properly recycle both degradable and non-degradable items, there’s a suitable place for every ounce of our waste!

By way of example, domestic rubbish is now sorted prior to collection; some, too much, goes to land fill, whilst plastic, cardboard and glass are typical items that can be re-invented and recycled. Our food and garden waste is likewise treated separately and reused as compost.

Hospitals, and like facilities, can also reduce their not insignificant carbon footprint by employing their own wastage systems; systems that effectively sort, adapt and store all waste ready for collection.

A bespoke system will free-up space, save time, money and help ensure a clean and clinical environment.

So, what to do?

The answer, consult a waste solution expert!

  • What to look for in, and where to find, a waste solution expert?

A company that specialises in waste solutions must be able to provide a bespoke management plan with on-going backup and support. So, first find a company with all the right credentials, that’s a company with;

  1. Experienced, helpful and knowledgeable staff
  2. A strong portfolio of satisfied clienteles throughout the healthcare industry
  3. Reliable efficient hardware
  4. A plan for on-going support
  5. The option for regular waste collections

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No matter what your current waste provisions are, it would be wise to take the time and consult with Mil-Tek; they’ll ensure you’re compliant with all legal requirements and that your current ‘system’ is fit for purpose. And, it won’t cost you a penny. Better safe than sorry.

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