The harmful effects of Blue Light

Researchers and doctors have been warning the general public about the danger of prolonged exposure to artificial lighting. Artificial lighting consists of visible light along with some amount of ultraviolet and infrared radiations. There have been a lot of concerns already related to these radiations and as a result of that doctors have time and again recommended protection for eyes during the day and when exposed to artificial light.

Research says that the blue light component of visible light that is emitted by sunlight, mobile screens and other screens has a very short wavelength and can cause great harm to the human body. Detailed studies in this regard have also brought to light the fact that children under the age of 14 and a senior citizen are the most likely to be affected by it. Further, people who work in offices, make continuous use of lamps are also at risk of developing blurred vision, loss of vision or other issues related to vision. Researchers have also found a relation between blue light and various conditions like suppression of delta brainwaves that induce sleep and boosting of alpha wavelengths that create alertness.

The effect of a component of the white light depends upon its radiation and wavelength, chromospheres, chemical reaction involved and others. When light illuminates matter, it can increase its temperature through the transfer of heat. The amount of harm done to anyone depends on the intensity of radiation and duration for which it was exposed to it. The radiation levels of blue light are, of course, low, but prolonged exposure can definitely cause permanent damage to the retina. Here are a few things to remember:

  • The color rendering index of any appliance should be at least 80 to have a good color perception.
  • While choosing to light, always keep in mind to go with an easily adjustable option as it helps to prevent glare.

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