A guide to the instruments that are used by gynaecologists during treatment


The branch of gynaecology is the study of the functions and diseases that are specific to women. The treatment is basically of the problems related to reproductive system. This includes even the ovaries and breasts. The gynaecologists are able to treat variety of conditions of the female patients.

What do the gynaecologists treat?

The common diseases that are related to the reproductive system are pregnancy related tumours, the sexual dysfunction, cancer, PCOS, menopause, or may be fertility problems. There are also other diseases like endometriosis and pelvic inflammatory disease that is treated by the gynaecologists.

 The gynaecologists perform surgery with gynecological instruments  in order to treat many conditions. The field also encompasses specific surgical procedures that are specific to diseases. The instruments that are used are mainly for treating female reproductive problems. The gynaecology instruments are also used in general medical practices. They are for example:

  • Forceps and clamps that are used for uterine and caesarean births. This instrument is also used for hysterectomies and other kind of obstetrics.
  • Cervical dilators are another one where the instruments are used in order to stretch the cervical wall as well as dilate the cervical muscles.
  • The vaginal speculums are used specially in procedures like the pap smear. The punch forceps are generally used for pre- malignant lesions of the cervix.

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