Greatest Hotels To Stay At Semarang For Any Budget

Semarang, the city of Lumpia, is better called a business city rather than as a tourist destination. Wait, for all those of you who do not know, Lumpia is a typical Semarang bite. It’s like a spring roll, generally full of bamboo shoots. Now let us return to Semarang. Though this town isn’t as busy with tourists like Yogyakarta, Semarang has plenty to offer because of its culture and history.

Back then, Semarang was one of the important cities during the Dutch colonialism. There are loads of Dutch archaeological legacy buildings in Semarang. To mention a few, you’ve Lawang Sewu (translated as “Thousand doorways” from English), along with Blenduk Church.

Other sites that you can visit from Semarang are Kota Lama/the old City, Semarang Great Mosque, Klenteng Sam Poo Kong, and Gedong Songo Temple. Semarang can be among the culinary paradises in Central Java, with its adequate amount of dishes which are heavily influenced by Chinese civilization. Semarang is a good gateway to see other exciting destinations in Central Java, including Lasem (a 3-hour driveway ), Pasar Papringan at Temanggung (a 2,5-hour drive), and also Karimun Jawa (it is possible to fly or get the fast boat from Semarang).

To help you explore Semarang and past, we will provide you resort recommendations. Within the following guide, you’ll discover budget resorts, mid hotels and luxury resorts.

Budget Hotels

RedDoorz near Taman Rejomulyo

Although small, this guest house offers comfortable rooms with private bathrooms, air conditioning,  and free Wi-Fi, at a very low price. Among the greatest things about this accommodation is the building. This RedDoorz is made of several containers. The combo of friendly employees, unique architecture, and excellent speed make this guest house one of the best budget hotels in Semarang.

Ibis Budget Semarang Tendean is among the suggested low budget hotels in the middle of town. Its rooms aren’t spacious but are comfortable and clean. This resort offers complimentary Wi-Fi with superior connectivity. It does not supply slippers and toothbrushes; however, you can buy them to get a minimal price. A shopping centre is a brief 5-minute walk along with the airport a 20-minute driveway. The minus point is that the resort includes a small parking space.

Mid-Range Hotels

Aston Inn Pandanaran

Aston Inn Pandanaran is situated near the airport and the railway station. The resort has a minimalist contemporary room layout, finish with a desk. There’s a rooftop swimming pool with a gorgeous view of the town. Sad to say the food menu within this resort is constrained.

Rooms Inc Hotel Pemuda is one of the best mid-range resorts in the prime area region of Semarang. This resort is located on the top floor of the DP mall. The hotel is extremely chic and Instagrammable. Its area is comparatively spacious and includes a very simple decoration with dominant colours: grey, white, black and yellow. There is a terrace near the peak of the hotel building. With the perspective of the city, it is a great spot to catch the sunset. One thing to notice, if you will need anything, the hotel staff is available through WhatsApp since there’s no phone in the rooms.

Luxury Hotels

Ciputra Semarang Hotel

This hotel is located in front of Simpang Lima, also a famed culinary centre. It has immediate access to Ciputra Shopping Mall. Although the hotel seems to be an old building, its chambers are of a contemporary minimalist idea. You can enjoy the view of this city from the balcony of the room. The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool, gym, and a sauna.

Vacation is more than just accommodation, and it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Simetri by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.