How to get rid of depression without taking antidepressants?

Though it appears that people around us are always happy, it is not so. Everybody feels sad at times. In times of big family crisis like the death of someone close to us, we all remain depressed for some time. But, if this depression lasts, we need to take it seriously and do something about it.

What is depression?

Depression is a state of mind- one that has negative effects on your mental health. It makes you feel constantly sad and decreases your ability to work. Depression also gives rise to multiple physical and emotional problems.

Common symptoms of depression

Symptoms of depression depend on the level of depression. Some of the basic symptoms are:

  1. Remaining sad constantly
  2. Lack of interest in activities that the person once used to enjoy
  3. Excessive sleeping or trouble falling asleep
  4. Feeling unenergetic all the time
  5. Loss of appetite leading to loss of weight
  6. Difficulty in concentrating
  7. Suicidal thoughts

Why you should avoid taking antidepressants?

Prolonged dependence on antidepressants involves several health risks. Some of the ill effects of antidepressants are stomach upset, obesity, Sexual dysfunction, lack of proper sleep (even insomnia), anxiety and agitation. So, it is better to avoid taking antidepressants if possible and try other ways of dealing with depression.

Natural ways of fighting depression

There are several things that you can do in order to stop feeling depressed. Exercising regularly, getting sufficient sleep, spending time with optimistic people, socializing etc. are some great ways of overcoming depression instead of depending on antibiotics online.

  1. Meditation

If you meditate regularly, very soon you will feel less depressed than before. It reduces anxiety, stress, pain, anger and other negative feelings.

  1. Getting outside

Sunrise increases dopamine receptors and dopamine release in a person’s body. If you are suffering from depression, exposure to sunlight will be good for you. It also stimulates endorphins release and allows a person to relax.

Getting out and inhaling fresh air always has positive effects on one’s mind. Travelling is the best therapy for a depressed soul. It has been proved that spending time in the lap of nature reduces levels of stress hormone, lowers blood pressure and has an embalming effect on one’s mind.

  1. Exercising

It has been proved time and again that exercising regularly is an amazing way of reducing stress and depression. In case of mild depression, you will get good results within a few days. It will also increase your appetite and give you good sleep at night.

  1. Reducing oxidative stress

If your body lacks sufficient antioxidants, it is natural to suffer from something called oxidative stress. Add fresh herbs, fruits and veggies to your daily diet.

These lifestyle changes effectively cure depression. However, for people with severe depressive disorders, there should be no delay in seeking professional help. Remember that you get just one life and you must enjoy every bit of it. So, if you fail to bid adieu to depression on your own, talk to your family and see a psychiatrist.