How to Get Healthier Lips and Lip Enhancements with Dermal Fillers

Think of your lips as a sponge, when they’re exposed to moisture, they consume the water and plump up, but when they’re dehydrated, they shrink and dry out. As the lips are always exposed, they tend to get dehydrated, especially during the windy and cold winter season.

It’s a fact, which naturally rosy, pink lips are appealing to look at, but many things can cause the natural shade of your lips to go darker. Factors including allergies, smoking, UV rays, sun caffeine, hormonal imbalances and smoking can all lead to dull lips. Thankfully, there are several ways to rejuvenate dark lips.

If you need help with your thin lips, you can get fuller, more sensual lips with lip fillers treatment in Perth by leading cosmetic experts.

Tips to help you keep your lips natural looking:

  • Cut down on your caffeine intake, as components of caffeine can darken the lips.
  • Limit your sun exposure as the sun can increase the synthesis of melanin in the body. Its recommended to protect the lips from the harmful UV rays by using lip balms and lipsticks which contain SPF or other sunscreens, to make sure you keep your pink and healthy lips.
  • Dark lipsticks may take away the pinkish hue from your lips, eventually leading to pigmented lips, so try wearing soft or nude colours.
  • Nicotine causes discolouration and darkening of the lips, so if you want pink lips its best to quit smoking. Plus it will help to prevent getting smokers lines around the lips.
  • Use good quality cosmetics. Many lipsticks and other cosmetics can cause damage to the lips because of the corrosive chemicals in them. Long-term use of cheap cosmetics can lead to pigmentation.
  • Make sure that your diet is rich in vitamins because vitamins like Vitamin C naturally help moisturise the lips.
  • Nervous habits, like biting your lips can cause damage to them, making them chapped or bleed. Try to avoid biting your lips by wearing lipstick as a prevention.

Consider a lip enhancement once the condition and health of your lips are in order.

A lip enhancement treatment using dermal fillers is a fast, safe and effective way to give you fuller lips with a natural freshness, and it can also minimise fine lines and wrinkles along the edges of the lips. Most individuals who are considering lip enhancement treatment want fuller lips that are wrinkle-free, plump, smooth and youthful looking.

The Lip Filler Process

Once the dermal filler is injected, you will instantly see results, with well-defined, contoured and fuller lips. The fillers used are hyaluronic acid based, which is a natural component of the skin, meaning the risk of an adverse reaction to the procedure is very small. Changes in the lip shape can create fullness and can also correct asymmetry. Dermal fillers for the lips are one of the most popular aesthetic treatments available and are a very quick and easy way to improve your look dramatically. They typically last between 6 – 9 months.