How To Fight Depression In Elders


Getting old is a normal part of living. However, it should not be sad not marred by loneliness and negativity. It is one’s twilight years and therefore, you should spend it with happiness, comfort and elders should be surrounded by love, care and support by family members, caregivers or fellow elders. Sad to say, there are many of our dear elders who go through difficult phases in their later years. They do not just encounter different types of sickness and illnesses, but they also feel lonely and down which eventually leads to depression. If you are a senior or one of your loved one is, hiring a senior caregivers Houston might ease the loneliness and helplessness especially if you are alone or there is no one to take care of your loved one. Having someone in these years is beneficial in many ways, not just for comfort but for the sake of having company on a daily basis. There are assisted living facilities such as Assured Assisted Living that will send professionals to your loved one’s home that can help with cooking, cleaning, medications, and of course conversation and companionship.

Depression Symptoms with the Elderly

Depression is a very tricky condition. It affects everyone, even the young and powerful. And the sad thing is, one can go through depression, and no one will ever notice. But if you are living with an elderly or you have an elderly loved one, these symptoms might help you gauge if they are depressed so you can seek appropriate treatment. A lot of depressed seniors are often tearful, even with small things, they are continuously sad, and they feel helpless and worthless. Some have difficulty with sleeping and experience weight changes. They might also show feelings of being slowed down as well as pacing and fidgeting.

How to Fight Depression

Depression might be unavoidable but you can fight it, or you can help someone you love to overcome it. Here are some ways which can help.

Taking Medication

One of the easiest ways to fight off depression is by consulting a doctor and taking prescription pills. It does not only calm down your nerves, but it makes you feel better and eventually helps you recover from depression.

Joining a Support Group

Many elderly prefer to join a depression support group rather than taking medications. For some, they do it in addition to their medication. With having someone to talk to who can understand how you are feeling, or who is going through the same phase as you are beneficial in feeling better. Being in the company of people alone helps alleviate the feeling of worthlessness and loneliness.

Undergoing Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is also known as talk therapy. It is beneficial since an expert therapist can recognize your thinking patterns and behavior and gauge how to help you overcome your depressions. It is an effective alternative especially to those who refuse more medications and those who cannot determine the cause of their grief.

Having a Change in Lifestyle

One of the key factors in depression is the lifestyle. If you live alone and stay in your house every day with no interaction, chances are, you might get depressed. A change in your lifestyle could help you out. Try inviting people over or try going out for a visit or a stroll in the park. Another thing you can do is to get yourself a pet or develop a new hobby to pass the time.

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